I give up- where are all the Hello Kitty refills?!

Just ordered my agenda:yahoo:, but need some refills (ebay purchase= no papers in it)

Stalked ebay (looked up the seller others have used) = none and he's not getting more

Local Sanrio = none

Sanrio.com- can't find any on there!

I don't need it to specifically be Hello Kitty- it can be any of her friends (love the bunny, cinnamonroll!) I just want something super cute and fun.

Any other suggestions of specific locations (preferably online) or ebay sellers that have cute agenda refills for the small vernis LV agenda (6 ring.....)

Or any websites you know of that I seem to be missing that sell them?!

TIA sooo much :flowers:


Jul 5, 2007
^^I am having the same problem! I saw Hello Kitty memo refills only, but not calendar refills. I was gonna just get the Filofax ones already. Kate Spade also has refills, if you're interested. I wouldn't mind those, but the Kate Spade here doesn't have the pocket-sized ones :crybaby: