I give up ... need help.

  1. I need suggestions. I need a nice wristlet or change purse to store lipstick and powder in for on the go that would match my Kooba Brynne handbag. (see avatar) I am a 31 year old stay at home mom to 2 little girls so I want something that is not too trendy but not boring either. I do not like signature items. Thanks for any help!! :smile:
  2. These are from Coach


  3. Hobo International 'Lauren' Double Frame Clutch - Wallets - Nordstrom.com

    I have this "Hobo International Lauren Double-Frame Clutch" and enjoy it. I'll mostly use it for a lage insert in a tote - but it can be carried just as a clutch depending on how much space you need.

    What price range are you looking for?
  4. Tryst

  5. I found one ... thanks.
  6. after you said you DID NOT like sig, this one was going to be my option for you!
  7. I was going to list the Banana Republic wristlets. The leather is soft. The price is reasonable. They have a lot of pockets which are great because I put cash in one and other items in other pockets. The only downside is they have had almost a "western" look to them lately which I don't like.

    I personally don't like most of the Coach ones because they usually only have the main compartment.
  8. You found one? Oh, please share....What did you pick?