I give up!! Locating any shade of gold reissue!!

  1. I've totally given up on that Gold Reissue that's going to be out this coming Fall... I want a Gold Reissue from last year or any Gold Reissue, any shades, as long as it is a Gold one for my next purchase by the end of this month!! Can you please help me locate a Gold Reissue for my next purchase?? I'm really, really dying to get this handbag.. huhuhu... I wanted it in size 226.. But if there's no more 226 available, then 227 is fine... I'm quite a late bloomer.. Really!! And how much does a 226 Gold reissue and a 227 Gold Reissue retails?? Thanks a lot for your help guys!!

  2. ^No I'm from HK and the time difference is really killing me.. whenever it's working hours there in USA, I'm sleeping.. So I have no choice but to contact SAs by e-mail.. But my sister is going to call them for me maybe later.. Let's see what will happen. *crossfingers!*
  3. The eBay listing is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE... I don't think I will buy with the twice its original price..
  4. Perhaps try contacting Stuart Ing, asst manager Chanel in Honolulu. 808 923-0224. I have his email, too. So if you'd like to send him an email, pm me. If he doesn't have the bag or thinks he is not going to get it, ask him if he would be so kind to try contact NY for you -- explain that time difference hindrance.

    As for the eBay one -- if all else fails, contact the seller and see if they will take offers. All they can do is say no.
  5. Thanks jmen! I'll PM you. :biggrin:
  6. Saks NY called me 2 weeks ago offering me a gold 227. Look for Sharon. Good luck!
  7. I think Saks has it available in their system.
  8. j0s1e267 May I suggest that you read the forum rules before posting again.

    No selling No soliciting members to sell.... such actions will get you banned.
  9. Prada's Meadow - I am very sorry, it is my mistake. It will not happen again.
  10. My SA from Saks had offered me the gold 227 and i had bought it last week already! There might be another one in the system, don't know??? :confused1:
  11. Maybe that's the last one.. And I already contacted Hawaii and they said they're sold out for a long time already! Anyways, thanks guys! :biggrin:
  12. With the time difference why don't you call early in the morning (6am) on the 1800 number, you still be able to catch them at that time. Wake up early if you want it badly. :okay:
  13. I'm still sleeping at that time and I need to get enough of sleep because I'm pregnant! :biggrin:
  14. That's a shame, Rica :sad:
    Hope you will find one eventually, good luck!