I give up, giving wide leg jeans a chance.

  1. I got this pair of jeans I loved, the only problem is that they are wide leg jeans and I am 5' tall. I thought it'd make look shorter but it didnt so I decided to give them a chance.

    Any ideas on what to wear with them. Flats or heels :confused1:



    Here is the link
  2. since your only 5' i think a pair of heels would be cute and help you look taller : ).. love the jeans btw!!
  3. Def wear them with heels:yes:
  4. I like wide legs best with wedges :yes:
  5. maybe post pics wearing them so people can give a better opinion? some people have long legs for their height so that might be another factor. cute jeans!
  6. Yep I agree, heels, wedges or chunky boots......great jeans BTW!
  7. OMG those are super cute... and sold out of my size. :crybaby:
  8. Those are really cute!! However, I've heard that shorter people should avoid wide leg jeans because it makes them look even shorter!! But perhaps you can be the deviant :smile: Show us how they look!
  9. HIGH wedges!!!
  10. Anything high will look great, and lengthen the appearance.
    Those are so nice btw...
  11. Cute jeans! I'd wear some sort of high heel.
  12. I'm 5'2", and flats and heels work quite well with wide leg jeans. Good luck.
  13. wedges would look perfect! maybe you could wear with a high neck to make yourself look taller.
  14. oh i forgot, i think you could wear a blue/navy top to make yourself look taller as well. that way you don't break the line.
  15. I agree...go with heels, wedges would be perfect for upcoming spring/summer! Those jeans are gorgeous!!