I gingerly clicked "make an offer"....

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  1. I just won a EUC camel Ginger for $275. Did I do well? My mother's name is Ginger and I've been trying to snag one for her for Christmas. I'm hoping I got a good deal...
  2. I don't know but I'm collecting bags with my girls names too! Well kinda... Lily, Gracie, Emmie and then Gigi for me (no Britt to be found... Yet.) I haven't got them all yet but that is my plan!
  3. Very cute! Good luck with your collection!!
  4. How about a BRITTish tan Willis :P
  5. Have you heard anything?

  6. Pull those out & take a pic!!!!:graucho:
  7. I guess I didn't plan ahead - I gave my girls names that Coach has never used!
  8. Ahaha well there's still time to work out the grand kids!