I get to go to a Coach outlet on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Wahoo!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to the Hershey Outlet this Saturday!!!!!!

    Has anyone been there recently? Have you seen any good deals there? I saw the thread about ergos at outlets, and that's what made me wanna go so bad!

    So what's in the outlets now? I haven't been to one since August because the nearest one to me is in Hershey and that's 4 hrs. away!

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!:P
  2. Hope you find lots of goodies. And make sure to post all of your finds.
  3. Hey there's actually a couple closer- Niagara Falls Fashion Outlets (about 3 hours 0 mins) and the Waterloo outlets (about 2 hours 49 mins).

    I just went to the Waterloo ones and they had some leather ergos, lots of winter things, patent gallery totes, patchwork.

    It's a nice store.

    I went to the Niagara Falls one a couple months ago but I forgot what I even got, let alone what they had!
  4. Oooh I'm so jealous!! My closest outlet is in Atlantic City, three hours away, so I know how you feel. I'm hoping to get there at least one time before the holidays to pick up a few things for presents (and maybe myself!). Have a GREAT time and I hope they have what you are looking for!
  5. awww i went to the hershey outlet a few months ago... it was alright... had mostly outlet only stuff though with a couple of legacy stuff and ergo and other things... Lancaster was wayyyyyy bigger and better!
  6. Really? Damn! I'd love to go to the Lancaster one too, but I have an excuse to go to the Hershey outlets--hubby has family in Harrisburgh...lol. I will make my way down there some time.

    IHeartCoach~ that's interesting, where is Waterloo? I'd love to check it out sometime! Is that in NY? Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for the responses everyone!

    Can't wait to see what they have there!!!!
  7. Lancaster is a little less than 40 miles away from Harrisburg... I'm not sure on the time, or how the ride is, but I just did mapquest because I knew they weren't too far apart geographically. :smile:
  8. I've never been to the one in Hershey but i used to go to the one in Lancaster from time to time as it was a little less than 2 hrs from where I lived. I LOVE Lancaster (and Rehobeth DE too). i miss being less than two hours from a good outlet and 45 min from an ok outlet.
  9. wow! great, I hope you have lots of fun and find some wonderful bags,.........
    Post pics when you return I'd love to see them!!;)
  10. The Waterloo one is about 35 min from Rochester, NY.
    It's Waterloo, NY.

    I google mapped it from your location... and that was the ETA that I posted above.
  11. Awesome, have fun!
  12. IHeartCoach ~ thanks for all of your help. I think the next time I am definitely going to Waterloo.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  13. Have a great time.
  14. Me too!!! I'm going fri, sat, sun...
  15. Woo!!!! Can't wait to see what ya get!!!!