I get sooo depressed when

  1. I see someout out who has completely abused their LV and they are just dragging it around. I guess it must be this forum or something, but we have such an awareness.

    I complimented someone on her BH at the bank and she said her boyfriend bought it for her, when I looked at it, it had watermarks and icky stuff all over the vachetta, I was like:sad:; then in Dillards a few weeks ago, I saw an older woman with an dual colored epi petite noe, blue and red and the thing was all scratched up around the bottom, white showing and just taggard looking. All I could do was stare at her bag like this...:push::shocked:

    Not sure why I should care about someone's elses LV and why that should make me depressed, but it does.... guess I'm a little LV nuts...:shrugs:
  2. :lol: I was driving the other day to work and saw a young lady with a Speedy 25 crossing the street and it was raining. I immediately thought "oh, no the vachetta!!"
  3. I think people don't understand the quality and commitment that goes into the LV name. I'll admit I have put my bag on the floor and I don't store them in the dustbags. But I am not about to drag my bag along the ground or put an open pen in it!! I think people just don't get it!!!
  4. Yes, I don't know, I'm not rich and my bags mean so much to me, I work so hard for them. It makes me really really happy when you see an LV that has been treated really well and has aged beautifully. Now, I really love that. I guess it's the same with people, huh? It's very nice to age gracefully, and not all beat up over time... But, I think you're right, people really don't understand how special their pieces really are... glad we do:angel:
  5. Yep....I feel the same way when I see people abused their LV. Just don't understand why they can do that to their bags :sad:
  6. oh i know what you mean! it infuriates me when i see these gals who just throw it around and put it on the sidewalk or whatever. but it's the stains and tears that really get to me. it's like they want to show off their battle scars. :p
  7. I hate it too. I saw a woman the other day with a Alma and the bottom looked like she took a dump on it. I almost puked. I dont get it! Even if my bag was $20 I would take care of it. Some people are slobs plain and simple.
  8. I hate that, too. I just feel so badly for their poor, innocent LV's :crybaby:I work very hard for my bags and have sacrificed other things in life to be able to have them. I just can't imagine not taking care of them as best I can. :shrugs:
  9. In general I just belive in taking care of my things. no matter what it is you spend your hard earned money on it and you should take care of it...and things like our bags deserve as much extra TLC as possible I think.
  10. Im totally the same, I saw a girl a while back in the adidas store dragging her lockit about, it was so dirty at the bottom :sad:
  11. okay, I burst out laughing with this one...:wtf:

    too funny! thanks for the laff:p
  12. There was a girl in my HS who had a LV montsouris. She tossed it around like it was a plastic grocery bag!! Shoving her heavy textbooks in it, sticking liquid ink pens in the little pockets...she actually had ink on the inside.

    There was no room in the dining hall building to toss our backpacks so we would normally leave them outside on the grass in good weather. This girl would literally just FLING her bag there. it had grass stains on the vachetta!!!! It was so dirty all over and so beat up. The stitching on the straps were actually fraying. I took better care of my cheap $20 Target totes than she did of her (at the time, $895) LV. Her mom was so proud of her for getting in to the school (we went to a boarding school) and getting good grades in middle school that she thoughtfully bought her this bag..and this is how she takes care of it? Just goes to show that some young girls just aren't mature enough for nice bags.
  13. I would treat all my bags with care because I saved up a lot of $ to buy it! I also switch bags often because I want all of them to look nice and clean.
  14. I do think that the key is switching the bags often too, but some ppl really do not care to keep it looking good.....

    The thing that bothers me the most is the Alma....I see the bottom all water stained or scratched up really bad...then they slam it on the floor..this is a doctors office mind you.....and I just had to cringe.....
  15. Some people just don't care for their things, I think they would probably treat all possessions that way, sad, isn't it?