I get bored with my LV and I did this!

Jan 22, 2008
Do you guys still remember my last post: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/help-i-get-bored-with-lv-281589.html ? Usually I changed my bag once a week, now, I change it every day! Here are some modeling pics. My friends were helping me to take the picture from my Prada phone (it has bad camera). Now, I started to enjoy my life with my LVs again even it's not yet to the max level :P.

1st pic: Me and my colleaque, we both LVoe LV. ON me: Monogram Sac Plat, Bags and Trunks belt, two teddy bear pins and monogram sneakers. On her: Neverfull GM.

2nd pic: Me and my Damier Geant Messanger Terre.

3rd pic: Me and my Damier Ebene Broadway, Zippy Organizer and Cles.

4th pic: Me and my Damier Geant Compagnon Sable.


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Jan 22, 2008
5th pic: Me and my Damier Geant Cougar Noir.

6th pic: Me and my Damier Ebene Bastille.

7th pic: Me and my Burberry Haymarket (sorry guys take a day off from LV :P).

8th pic: Me and my Epi Leather Sac Plat Pepper.

Those pictures were taken at my school. Some were taken after the school hour so I was so tired and messy ha ha ha :shame:


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