I get all my LV compliments at the Coach store!

  1. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got my very first compliment on any of my LV products when the Coach SA said how cute my beige speedy inclusion keychain was. Well today at the Coach store I got my very first purse compliment. I've never gotten any compliments on any of my purses, not matter what brand. Today I had my monogram speedy 30 with me set on a glass counter at the coach store, when a customer walked by and said "Love your bag!" :wtf: :happydance:

    Also today I was with a different coach SA and she also commented on how cute my inclusion keychain was and also started asking me about my speedy. She asked if it was new because she could tell it looked new because the handles were still light. I don't think my handles look that light anymore because I bought it in July and today I took it out during a snow storm! I ended up buying a Coach Taurus zodiac charm for my Speedy. :smile:
  2. congrats! did it survive the storm? lol
  3. Too cute! I always get tons of compliments on my (non Coach bags, including LV) at our Coach boutique here too! Makes for great conversation.
  4. Love it!!
  5. Haha. When I was buying my Coach tennis shoes at the Beverly Center, I had my Batignolles Horizontal. The SA who was helping me said, "Oh, a non-Coach bag! But I LOVE that style!" And she proceeded to ask me about the style name etc. lol.
  6. Yeah, my bag is just fine. It was being pelted with snow and snow was starting to accumulate on the tab where it says Louis Vuitton Paris made in France on it. :wtf:

    The canvas on my Speedy was quite wet when I took it into the coach store and at first I didn't want to actually hang any of the coach charms on my bag because it was wet, so I was just holding the charms up to it. But the SA said that it was fine to hang it on my bag so I did.
  7. You mean usually every one who goes into the coach store carries coach bags?
  8. :roflmfao: Your title cracks me up. I'd love to see the Zodiac charm on your lv :biggrin:
  9. Lol..I have no idea. I wouldn't doubt it though.
    The way she said it was in a joking tone like, "well we won't hold it against you that you're not carrying a Coach, but you're in the store."
  10. Its posted above! :graucho:
  11. Thanks! I might use this new charm for my future azur speedy because the purple will probably suit the white and grey azur more than the brown monogram. Purple is also my favorite colour! :graucho:
  12. I was also checking out the four-leaf clover charm which is quite nice as well. If I end up buying another coach charm, that'll be the one. :yes:

    I would have felt kinda bad if I didn't buy anything because the SA was complimenting my LV and asking me about it which NEVER happens. She was also asking if my Speedy inclusion keychain was a new style, and I told her no, the new colours are white and pink, and the old ones were beige and black.

    She was also very helpful, showing me how I could hang 3 of the charms together on my speedy!
  13. wow. you are brave. i'm also in vancouver and i wouldn't dream of bringing a bag with vachetta out into the snow we had today! love your inclusion speedy!