i get a fake bag for my b;day and get complimented for it

  1. My lovely aunt, whom i see once a year, sent me a rather early birthday gift this year.. most of the time, she would send me stuff like books, photo frames, etc. But this year, voila, she got me a fake LV bag from the MC line. imagine how delighted i was (it looks SERIOUSLY GENUINE from the outside)... till i peeked the interior of the bag and read the card, she did say that it wasn't genuine and she bought it during her recent trip to Korea, spotted the bag and thought of me (i should be happy right)..

    Anyway, my family threw me a dinner party in a pretty exclusive restaurant downtown. I didn't want to carry the fake bag. but my mom forced me to do it cause my aunt has come all the way down to attend the birthday dinner. So out of politeness, i carried the bag :sad:.. and what do you know? not only i get vip treatment, not less than 5 ladies complimented me on my fake bag

    I know my aunt means well when she gives me the bag and im rather surprised by the compliments that i get (i don't even usually get compliments on genuine bags)..im not sure whether i dress pretty well tonight or it was the restaurant that made everyone assume that it was a genuine bag.. so the question is "what do i do with the bag?"...

    Should i just keep it and use it when my aunt is around (as not to be rude to her- she's a lovely person), give it to charity.. or im seriously contemplating getting the genuine one and give the fake one to charity so when my aunt comes down to visit, she'll see the bag that she "gave me"
  2. I like your idea of getting the genuine one, since it seems like you like the style...and you got all the compliments! Then you can be happy, your aunt can be happy, AND you don't have to carry the fake!
  3. i agree. i think you should just get a real one so both your aunt and you will be happy
  4. I think that getting the real one is a fabulous idea! I love the Multicolore line and it is a win win situation to me. You get a gorgeous REAL bag and your Aunt feels good about the gift that she got you. It is, after all, the thought that counts!
  5. Definitely get the real one, but don't give the fake one to charity (destroy it). You will enjoy the real one for a long time.
  6. Which model is it? Can we see pics? It makes me wonder how genuine it looks like ... :confused1:
  7. i would just keep it- i appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness she has for u. imo..
  8. Don't carry fakes and even if out of politeness I don't think you should have carried the fake with you. If YOU didn't want to do it, your mom or anyone else should not force you or put any type of pressure on ya:yes: . Then again, it's too late. So now, if I were you, I'd tell my aunt that that I don't appreciate fakes, tahnks, but no thanks. A reasonable person would understand. And thus YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A NEW BAG just to satisfy her! Unless you plan or want to buy another bag for yourself, but do not do it for OTHERS! :yes:

    Also, I don't get why people would buy fakes for others or themselves... if I don't have the $ to buy the real thing, I'd just buy a no-name brand bag. It has to do with dignity. Just my opinion.
  9. I admit that I bought a fake Gucci a long time ago and got so disgusted with myself that I bought a real one. I didn't tell DH about this change, but I knew and I felt a lot better about it. Your aunt need not know and this is a win, win for you except for the money you will be out.
  10. I think getting the genuine bag would be a great idea, especially if you want that bag anyways!
  11. only if you REALLY love that style, you should get a real one in its place. i wouldn't spend over 1k if you weren't in love with the bag in the first place.
  12. first of all, happy belated birthday :smile:

    now i'm very curious to see how it looked like, do you mind to post a pic? of course getting a genuine one is a MUST idea lol but may as well to keep the fake one since your aunt thoughtfully got it for ya ;)
  13. Yes, get an authentic one, it's a win-win situation. :yes: I'm really curious which model is it. :p
  14. get the real one!!
  15. Cec, I understand you point of view, I think any PFer would definitely understand too. :yes: But sometimes, as much as we hate it, everyone else out there don't really take authenticity as seriously as we do. And her aunt definitely sounds like a really nice person who just get her the bag innocently without much thought and out of pure sincerity so I think to let her know that her gift is not appreciated is just beyond what I personally can do. I mean, it's just much easier buying an authentic bag, no need to hurt anyone's feeling. :p JMHO. *shrugs*