I get a crazy one? I always get the GOOD buyers!!

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  1. So let me share my fun little story with you...

    Recently sold a pair of shoes on eBay. Not a popular brand for shoes, brand new. Started them at $0.99 knowing I didn't care what they ended at and just wanted them gone. Auction ends for $2.75. Fine! Didn't care! Charged $6.25 for shipping & handling.

    After the auction I get the question from this buyer after I send an e-mail congratulating her on the win:

    "Thanks!! but, what is the reason do yo sell this shoes??"

    I just responded that I originally bought them as a gift for my little sister but she ended up not using them and they just sat at my house (aka the truth).

    After she pays me, I realize that A) She has a Dominican Republic address and B) She is, of course, UNCONFIRMED. I was completely puzzled because I have my eBay settings set to block bidders from countries I don't ship to (she is registered as United States but has a Dominican Republic addy) AND I have my PayPal settings to block payments from people with unconfirmed addresses. (So take that as a warning - I don't know why PayPal allowed it, but they did)

    I guess I must just be a pushover (I like things to go smoothly) because I ate the excess in shipping the shoes out (charged $6.25, shipping was $21.60) and shipped them out YESTERDAY AFTERNOON.

    I log in to my eBay, and see I have a new positive feedback - from Miss Dominican Republic. There is absolutely no way she got the shoes the NEXT day. Just goes to show... eBay is full of crazies!

    How funny is that!
  2. Very weird. People are just odd.
  3. Hi sarahloveslouis... o my o my... I hear you... we are in the same boat as a seller facing different "surprises" from buyers...
    It's strange that eBay still allow it a user in Dominican Rep but registered in US. Thus, you had to pay International shipping while the buyer pays Domestic shipping. That's really mean of the buyer... but it happened already... forgive and forget ... it's not worth it growing another heart-pain for this matter...
    The good news is that you got positive fb from your buyer (despite his/her 'after-transaction' inquiry on why you sell your shoes... )

    Cheers and hope you got more reasonable and thoughtful buyers next time :drinks:
  4. I had that happen to me also. I blocked bidders from countries I don't ship to and I got a winning bidder from Tawain. I just wrote her and explained I don't ship outside of the US. I talked to live help and they said blocking bidders is just a request. Huh!!
  5. I think it depends on which country the ebay account was set up.
    Up until recently, ebay didn't have presence in many countries, and people had to sign up using the US' ebay site. My account was set up in US although I was in another country, at that time the only countries that had ebay sites were US and UK. Back then I won an item I didn't realize was open only to US bidders, seller was puzzled how my bid got through when she set it to accept bids from US only.
  6. I get ebayers from the Dominican Republic that have Florida addresses. The paypal account shows the D.R. address and if you refund their money they ussually will send you the Fl. address with another payment. I haven't had any problems shipping to them so far, although I am shipping without paypal coverage.
  7. About the crazies - how true! I had a white Chanel tote listed and got an email from a bidder with an 80% feedback record (how is she still on eBay?). She asked if I had the bag in black because she is "too dirty" for a white one! :wtf: You were very sweet to eat the extra shipping charges, but in the future, if you are faced with this situation again (and knowing eBay, you will be), you might want to get a quick quote regarding shipment charges and tell your buyer there will be an extra charge for shipping. She might decide not to buy the item, but you won't be out extra money for shipping. Sorry you had to go through this!!
  8. i don't see how the buyer is crazy she was just asking a question. You make it seem like she was a hassle
  9. No, she wasn't a hassle and I of course I did answer her question. I just thought it was a funny comment. Sorry! Didn't mean to come across that way.
  10. Sarah- am I right in saying that you paid over $20 to send an item that you received only a total of $7.00 for including shipping payment? Wow- you are way too nice, I would have cancelled the transaction.
  11. That was really nice of you to eat the shipping costs! I recently had a weird one too where the buyer left me positive feedback way before they could have ever received the item. It was an international buyer too, so I just hoped that they received it ok after they left me feedback!
  12. She was "too dirty"??? lol Now that is funny!
  13. Vicki, it really was hilarious, especially if you had read the entire email. I actually saved it because it was just priceless and it makes me giggle every time I read it! Bless her heart.
  14. Ha. ebayers. *SMH* at some of them
  15. OMG! You lost that much on shippoing? Actually you were paying her to get this pair of shoes? She is so lucky!