i gave someone my first compliment today...was it YOU??

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  1. LOL, i doubt it, but I was at work today and a lady came in with a louis vuitton damier bag. I wasn't sure of the style but I just checked vuitton.com and it was the duomo. anyway it looked cute! IMO, damier is still masculine for me, but when I see others wear it in person it looks sooo cute on them.


    OH..and I also talked to this girl who came in my work ta couple weeks ago (a different girl) and she had the LEOPARD MONO STEPHEN! I was like :nuts::drool:. I had a hard time doing my job cuz i kept talking about the bag. LOL..and dummy me, asked "can i touch it?" :noggin:. It looked sooo hot! It was huge for everday, and probably super heavy with all the things in it, but it looks so chic! she was just carying it with the hand held handles not the strap, she didn't like the strap on cuz it was too bulky and looked like a gym bag, which i kinda agree. anyway, that's it. LOL....
  2. hahaha, thanks for sharing! i love the damier line after seeing others carrying it.
  3. LOL I saw a woman in the LV store with a Stephen and I was just staring at it and she let me look at it! :roflmfao: I just wanted to run out the door with it!
  4. lol you're too cute with the "can I touch it?!?!?" :biggrin:
  5. Cool to see LV in Winnipeg!
  6. Hey! That was me!!!!!

    Nah, Just Kidding:roflmfao: Cute story though!!!
  7. lol...and shes like "oh yeah!" haha i was cheesed.

    I know, I hardly see REAL lv's in Winnipeg.
  8. What is your occupation if you don't mind me asking? :whistle:
  9. you are funny "can I touch it" I have the leopard stephen but still have not taken ot of the house. Its just so large, I think I will use it as my carry on when I go to hawaii this summer.
  10. i'm a bank teller...lol.
  11. lol cute story. I'd be exactly the same way.. "Can I pet it?" :shocked: :weird:
  12. lol I babble like that when I see authentic LV

  13. :roflmfao: aaww...!! u're too cute!!
  14. I know, I hardly see REAL lv's in Winnipeg.[/quote]

    I know.. So far I only saw Damier Ribera MM, Monogram Trouville, Monogram Cabas Piano, Monogram Riveting (sp), Brown Tobago shoe bag as tote, MC Petit Noe, and Neo Speedy Fueshia (sp).. But is a treat. I literally go nuts over them. Seriously drooling..
  15. you're IN winnipeg too misspiggy?!?!?! OMG! or do you mean you hardly see REAL Lv's in YOUR city?