I gave some bags away.....

  1. We had some of my husband's family visit this weekend. I've been trying to sell my Gustto Baca bag but no takers. I also had a Kale bag that I just never used. I decided to give them to my future sister in law. She's a teacher and doesn't have the funds for nice bags. I wasn't sure how she would react to them and I felt a bit weird giving them to her since they were not brand new- well, they practically were since I barely used them.

    It was funny b/c she said she never had a bag that came with its own bag (the dustbag). It was fun to watch her examine each bag.

    In the past, I would give my bags to my Mom but she passed away 7 years ago. Also, at that time, I was not buying or spending as much on each bag.

    I've given bags, including some higher end ones like Fendi and Gucci, to my babysitters.
  2. I used to do that when I was into the cheaper bags but now if I don't use a bag I sell it on the web because I do want to recoup some of my $$. That was nice of you to do for your future sister in law! :smile:
  3. Thanks Antonia! I can admit it was a bit painful to give the bags away, especially since I basically gave her a $800+ gift between the two bags! Ouch! :wtf: She isn't into bags and had no idea of these brand names. However, I tried to have my ego stay away from the situation :yes:
  4. JulieH...you will truly be blessed for your thoughtfulness. I just commented yesterday in another thread that I seem to gain more peasure from gifting my bags to someone that I love more than I do from carrying them myself. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. You have made your future sister in law feel very special...and how better to welcome someone into your family than by gifting them a gorgeous desiger handbag...especially when it's something that they themselves might not be able to afford. You are an angel!:angel::angel::angel: BTW..how did your brother react? I'm sorry about the passing of your mother. I too lost my mom 4 years ago and just 4 days after my birthday.:crybaby:
  5. Aww that was such a sweet thing for you to do! I would have had a hard time letting them go!
  6. Aww, Bag, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. It's horrible. I lost my Mom before I got engaged- she only met my husband 1x. It pains me that my daughters will never know her. That is the hardest part for me. My mom and I had a very good, loving relationship but after I became a mother myself, I saw our relationship in a completely different viewpoint. Hey Bag, I bet our mom's are hanging out together, laughing at our handbag obsession :p

    My future SIL is my husband's youngest brother's fiance. He is pretty clueless as well when it comes to bags. He said- "Oh, wow, they are leather!". :roflmfao:

    It was definitely hard letting them go, but at the same time, I get so frustrated when I try to sell my bags and it takes so long. I don't do eBay, so I rely on MP and a few other yahoo forums or other online consignment shops. Right now, I am trying to sell my Balenciaga Day bag.
  7. i too just gave my sis in law a ton of bags, some cheap some expensive...she was so thrilled as she never owned coach, or dooney etc...she even sent me pics of her with her "new" bags...i would and will do it again, she is such a sweetheart...
  8. It definitely makes me feel better to give things away :yes: :tup:
  9. Thats really nice and thoughtful of you.Thanx for sharing your generousity.
    God bless you.
  10. You guys are too sweet. I don't think I'm generous at all. I wish I had friends to give my bags away to, but friends who really appreciate and obsess about bags like I do :yes:
  11. I really believe in the Salvation Army. Last year I donated two big bags of purses I never used but were nice. I try to donate every year and it makes me feel good.
  12. wow that was really nice of you! i can't afford to do that right now but i hope to one day
  13. I give mine to my DIL. She can't afford to buy designer bags yet and it makes her feel good, so why not? She only likes smaller bags, tho so I sell my larger unused bags on eBay.
  14. Wow, that was so nice of you! I bet she really appreciates it. :tup:
  15. That was such a kind gesture towards your future SIL! I'm not at the point where I can give anything away just yet. Perhaps in the future :smile: