I gave my mom her first LV...

  1. My mom likes to ask to borrow my LVs for special occasions; in the past I've always let her borrow pieces that aren't too delicate, tell her to please be careful, and she'll just send the bag back saying she's decided to use something else instead.

    Today, she was going to a wedding reception and asked again to borrow one of my LVs. I showed her the papillon 26 and the Batignolles and between her, my boyfriend, and I, we decided the Batignolles matched her outfit the best. She took the bag away and I didn't tell her how to care for my bag this time.

    Recently I've been thinking how little I use my Batignolles. If I want a hand held I go for my Papillon and when I need a larger mono bag I go for my PH. Plus, recently I bought a Chanel and I expect myself to use that quite often for the next couple of weeks. When she came back to talk to me about something else, I just told her that I don't use that bag very often anymore and that she can keep it afterwards if she liked. She was so happy she gave me a huge hug.

    After my parents came home, my mom was examining the bag and asked "What?? This is made in the US?" and so I explained how LV has factories in countries such as the USA, Italy and Spain in addition to France. I could tell she was thrilled with it because while talking to me she kept picking it up and setting it back on the table!

    I was considering selling the bag to fund another bag...but I think it was a better idea giving it to my mom because I know she'll love it more than I ever did. :wlae:
  2. Awww, you are such a sweet daughter! ((((HUGS)))). It makes you happy when you see someone else happy, doesn't it?
  3. I think it is wonderful that you gave you bag to your mom-moms use to give so much to their children that it is such a nice chance to give something back.
    You will find the possibility to fund a new bag a little later-and you still have your new Chanel!
  4. That's so sweet! Your mom is lucky to have such a generous daughter.
  5. Awww, that's nice! At least it stays in the family. ;)
  6. Aw how nice of you! It's great to have a mom who loves bags like we do. :tup:
  7. yeah for another lv addict to be lol ;)
  8. That was very sweet of you! I am sure she will cherish it!
  9. Apprently when my dad found out that my mom was taking the LV with her...he asked, "You're carrying an LV? You're not scared others will think it's fake??" My dad...so mean :p

    Thanks guys--my sister is moving to the US next year and having a baby as well, I may consider getting her something as a good bye gift before she leaves.
  10. lol maybe your dad is trying to protect his bank account :lol:.
  11. That's really sweet of you Karman!
  12. How sweet of you Karman!
  13. My dad would never, ever buy my mom LV. And my mom would never, ever ask for one either! She wouldn't buy one for herself, either, because if my dad found out she'd be in hugeeee trouble. So I'm her only hope =)
  14. That's so sweet you gave her the new LV bag!!

    I'm sure she'll treasure it for a very long time.
  15. That's great of you! I am sure she will wake up in the morning on more than one occasion, excited to start the day because she gets to use her new bag.

    I try to do the same thing for my Sister.. She has a controlling fiance that won't let her purchase luxury items for herself. I gave her a Speedy and Monogram Groom wallet last Christmas and he wanted her to eBay it and put the money away in their joint account. :crybaby: