I gave my first LV compliment today! lol

  1. A while back one of my patients came in carrying a black suhali lockit which she put on the floor, but I was too shy to say anything. Today one of my patients came in carrying the Batignolles Regular. It's a bag I almost bought last September and I don't think I've seen anyone carrying on irl. I told her I liked her bag! :p Then I asked if she bought it at Hotel Vancouver. She said no, her sister bought it for her in England! :nuts:
  2. My aunt has the same one...from Fairmont yup :p! what a coincidence
  3. I would have told the patient that put her beautiful Suhali Lockit on the ground that it was child abuse. :lol:

    Awww... it always brightens up one's day when a compliment is given!
  4. I am sure I would have cried had I seen that suhali on the floor :crybaby:. Once I was done crying I would have :lecture:!!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. ^^ HAHA!!!.. but seriously arnott u should have done tt.. Its a SUAHLI.. hee..
  7. I'm sure arnott keeps her floor clean enough for suhali. ;)

    Cute story. It's always nice to give and receive compliments. :heart: