I gave my first gift today

  1. Today is my Dad's 61st birthday and I gave him the Eclat tie in navy, his first LV! He liked it and said that he needed a tie. He knew it was expensive because it's LV, but when he asked me how much it was, I didn't tell him. He was asking, "Is it $50? $100?"

    Then I went to have my Dad's birthday lunch with my parents, grandpa, and aunt. I had to leave lunch early to go to work, and after I left my Dad asked my aunt if she knows how much his tie costs (he was wearing it). So my big mouth aunt told him it was $200 and something (Which is not true, it was only $180). My Dad was so shocked he asked, "$200 in what kind of money?! Hong Kong dollars?!" lol

    Anyways, my Dad still liked his gift, but he said not to spend so much on him.

    And then I got a lecture from my mom on how my parents don't like to spend that kind of money on material brand name things. :wacko: :sad:
  2. You're a sweet daughter. I'm sure your dad will cherish his tie. Some people just can't see paying that kind of money on certain things. You did good!!
  3. Ohh don't worry lol...my parents do this to me too!

    I bought my dad a Armani wallet last year, I was about to get him a LV one but my bf said he probably wouldn't like it...but I always get the same speach! You're not alone!
  4. wow, you're such a sweet and thoughtful daughter ... don't worry about it, I'm sure he really appreciates it! Good job! You did real good!
  5. LV ties are wonderful!

    My BF bought one, and I think the LV bug has bit him as well! :lol:
  6. Aw you're a sweet daughter, I'm sure your dad loved his tie - no matter what the cost! I hope he wears it in good health and happiness!
  7. Awww I'm so glad he liked it. Thats really what its all about.
  8. arnott you're so sweet!
    I like how you make your dad guess the price, I do that too! lol and ya... the lecture thing... our parents are too much alike :lol:
  9. Really? I thought your Dad helped you pay for your bags?

    My parents don't even approve of me spending my own money on LVs!

    I didn't make my Dad guess the price, he just started guessing because I wouldn't tell him! :p
  10. No, I buy with my own money (unless you're like my mom who defines "own" as everything that she gave you directly and indirectly. Eg. of the latter: "I gave you life, I support your studies, lifestyle, food...etc." lol ).
    Sometimes my dad FACILITATES my purchases such as when I can't go to the boutique, then my dad'll do the phone order for me, but it's always when I give him the money first or promise to give it to him right after.
    Initially my parents didn't approve either, but now I think they've given up trying to stop me lol.
  11. :roflmfao: lol- your dad's funny. It's sweet of you to get him such a lovely gift :flowers:
  12. That sounds like my mom!

    My mom is all like, "We don't spend our money on material things, we save it for our children", even though she spends lots of money on traveling, but she thinks traveling is justified because its what she likes. :p
  13. LOL I just did the conversion....200 Hong Kong Dollars = $25.93 Canadian.

    I heard that when my Dad asked if it was 200 Hong Kong Dollars my Aunt replied, "If it was 200 Hong Kong dollars, I would have bought 20!" :roflmfao:
  14. My Dad's been wearing his new tie to work!
  15. ur a sweety, my parent thinks im crazy too ahahahha