i gave my bag a woly foam bath

  1. hi guys, just wanna share something, i was browsing through on how to condition your bags with apple guard or shinning monkey. well unfortunately for me here in the asia region , i could not find either.
    i remembered the SA at Furla once recommended me to use Woly Combi Proper to condition their bags. well i was reluctant at first...as i'm afraid of staining! but finally i tried- its foam like when u spray it out. smooths out evenly-no stains and conditions the leather evenly. so for those out there who faces the problem in looking for a suitable bag conditioner, you might wanna try it out :smile:
  2. wow thanx for the recommendation...

    i live in Singapore.. not sure if i can get it here :crybaby:
  3. Interesting :nuts: Thanks for sharing :heart:
  4. oh yea you are suppose to spray it on a sponge and then swipe it over the leather parts. first it looks like it darkens the leather....but after it dries...it goes back to its original colour. :smile: hope it helps....
  5. Hi Syeang, do you know where can i get Woly products in KL / PJ area?

    Wanted to get the protector spray :smile: