i gave my babysitter a coach sign. wristlet...

  1. for christmas. she's in junior high and she wrote me the nicest thank you note ever. she is ecstatic. she just really couldn't get over it- so i am thrilled! i asked the forum about it a while back- so glad I got it for her- thanks for your help!
  2. That's so sweet!! I'm glad the Coach gals were able to help! What a great way to show her your appreciation!
  3. I think that a wristlet is a great gift idea for an older teen. She'll cherish that it sounds like!
  4. That is so great ! She must have been very excited !
  5. Awww, that is sweet! I got my babysitter an ipod nano for christmas last year and she was over the moon. Her family doesn't have much money and she really appreciated it--sounds like your babysitter was thrilled, too!
  6. what a sweet present :smile:
  7. That is awesome! Need another babysitter? :angel:

    I'm sure she is beyond thrilled over that gift. It's good to be nice to your babysitters... after all, they are watching your child!
  8. What a great and thoughtful gift you gave her, and good for her for having good manners to write you a nice thank you. I ialways insist my children write thank you cards - its such a small thing to do for someone who took the time to buy them a special gift.
  9. I gave my babysitter a wristlet too! I wanted to get her a purse, but she never carries one, so I thought the wristlet would make sense...she LOVED it! Phew!
  10. I remember that thread. :smile: I'm so glad she liked it! She may be a future tPFer... hehe... you're sowing the seeds in the young 'uns. Your sitter seems very sweet and deserving of such a great present. Most of the young people I know would never write a thank you note, regardless of how wonderful a present is.
  11. Thats so nice of you !
  12. Aw, that's so sweet of you!
  13. What a nice gift! & That's so generous of you to get her a Coach wristlet!