I Gave my Ali to a girl in need =)

  1. I don't know why I did it! My friend at work is hitting troubled times as of late. Lots of money troubles and just last month her first ever Coach items I encouraged her to buy (Signature Pouch and miniskinny) were stolen from a bar. Only the bags! Whoever took them took her money, wallet, and other items out and only took the Coach bags! They found her stuff later that night. Weird huh?
    Anyways she's always so sad because those were her only real nice things and that was a lot of money for her. Well I just got a Whiskey Ali from eBay, 200 bucks so not bad. The inside was pretty dirty but I managed to clean it up good as new! Friday was another rough day for her but I fixed that! I'm not sure why but I just gave my Ali to her. She was absolutely stunned and you have no idea how good it felt to see her eyes brighten up! I was so glad she accepted it! It's my good deed for the month. It really wasn't that big a deal, it just makes me so sad to see so much crap happen to one person all at once, she really needed a pick me up!
    So today she walks in with it (she looks SO HOT in the Ali) and said she has had a GREAT weekend with her new bag and that carrying it just makes her ooze confidence that things are going to get better! I'm just so happy for her. =)
  2. That's so awesome that you would do that! Good karma is definitely coming your way!:wlae:

    Having something that is well made is such an amazing treat and can really lift someone's confidence. It was wonderful that you did that for her; how nice to know that there are people like you walking around!
  3. Wow, I remember not too long ago you searching for that same Ali. This is very kind of you. I'm sure something good will be coming your way soon.
  4. Yeah I really loved it but I think she loves it even more! I know how devistated I would be if someone stole my precious Coach!!
  5. That is so awesome!! How thoughtful of you! I recently gave my black signature market tote to my sister and she carries it everywhere. It does feel good to be able to do something nice, especially when someone's chips are down.

    I am sure you will be doubly blessed for your kindness :smile:
  6. That is an amazing thing you did! Your one act of kindness looks like it totally made her weekend!!!
  7. I LOVE hearing stories like this!! Just a couple of weeks ago, I gave away a bag to a friend of mine. It was a blue suede Hamptons hobo from spring of a few years ago. It didn't look brand new anymore, but still had a lot of life left in it...I just didn't carry it anymore because I've found that I need larger bags. She's wanted a Coach bag so badly for years, and she's so sweet and always thinks of others before herself, so rather than sell it on eBay, I decided that I wanted her to have it. It was my first Coach, and now it's HER first Coach! :wlae:
  8. That is SO awesome of you. Absolutely awesome. I hope things start looking up for her. I bet you made her day!
  9. That's so cool! And how nice knowing that someone is enjoying your bag as much as you did when you first got it! Much better than selling it on eBay!:yahoo:
  10. Aww thats great!!! Yeah so much more fulfilling then selling on eBay. =)
  11. WOW! You are an amazing person to do something so self-less for someone in need. :tup:Good things are coming your way! What goes around, comes around. (or is that backwards?!) :p
  12. :yes:That's awesome Candy! Just think...what you did will one day inspire her to pass along the same joy when she has the opportunity.
  13. That is absolutely fantastic! So great of you :tup:

    This must be the weekend for raok's, lol! I actually gave a friend of mine one of my older bags on Saturday and she was thrilled. She's never had a Coach and she's said she would have one someday but it hasn't been possible for her financially. I had this one bag, which I did love and probably would have carried again, but I just looked at it and it was so her style that I just had to give it to her. She was so thrilled! She said she's going to carry it everywhere. It feels great to make someone happy like that even if I will miss my bag, lol.
  14. That was a very generous thing to do. How happy she must be.
  15. What a wonderful kindhearted gesture! She will treasure it forever. Thanks for sharing!