I gave in...

  1. ;) Ladies, is this the place to confess all your sins? I've been staying away from the mall (SouthCoastPlaza) in Ca. for awhile now, but today my fiance asked me to run to the Apple store to pick him up some headphones for his nano...welp, you know I had to stop by the Chanel boutique and I just had to purchase the new large vintage tote in black. It wasn't in the store, but its on its way from the Hawaii boutique. Yes, got a wallet to go with the bag. I thought the bag would be too big from the pics, but I tried on the white one in the store & I think it fits me perfect. It should be here Tuesday.:love: What do you ladies think of this bag?
  2. Very pretty! You're getting it in black?

    South Coast Plaza is a very dangerous place, LOL! :biggrin: Much more so than Fashion Island, IMO.
  3. haha that was probably the one I saw that night I got my spy bag. I was contemplating the gray though. That bag has such beautiful lining! Congrats girl! I'll probably pick that up next semester, looks like a great school bag!
  4. Noriko, I love the spy bag too, but I decided on the tote:smile: I'm a happy girl!!
  5. That is really really gorgeous!!
  6. nice bag!
  7. Oooh, I bet it will be gorgeous in black!
  8. Great Bag Lieu! I love South Coast Plaza! lol
  9. haha I bet you are girl! :smile: That is a beautiful tote, once again LOVE the lining!:love:
  10. nice tote! as for SCP.. omg, i have never left that mall empty handed!