I gave in to the beautiful Carly Signature..

  1. After being on this forum for like couple of days seeing all the lovely Carly bags everyones showing off.. I started to fall in love with it.. FAST!
    So of course, being me, I had to have one for myself!
    So I went on a hunting spree (which really wasn't much of a hunt XD!) Since the first Coach store I went into had the Carly I wanted!

    Large Signature Carly in Chocolate Brown!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The color!! :biggrin:


    Of course I had to buy a little charm to add to the bag.. ^^;
    Just thought the flower was too cute!
    Trying to find more charms for my bag too~~

    Totally love Carly! :biggrin: She's a beaut.
  2. Beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  3. Gorgeous & scrumptious color!
  4. Love the chocolate large Carly! Congrats!
  5. Oh, chocolate sig is so gorgeous, congrats!!!
  6. Amazing...beautiful...I can't decide over the chocolate carly or the black sig one. the chocolate one just looks oh so pretty and I already do have too many blacks ones. hmm.. Congrats! I love the daisy hanging off of it!
  7. Oh, I love that!
    And I don't want to!
  8. I love the chocolate color...congrats!
  9. beautiful! I have the same one in medium and i still can't stop drooling over how pretty the choc sig is!
  10. Thank you everyone for such the lovely comments!

    I have a question..

    What kind of scarf do you think would match the purse nicely? ^^;
    Anything from coach.com with pictures would be awesome! I was looking at the Legacy Ponytail Scarf as it looks like it would tie around the purse perfectly! ^^;
    Any input would be awesome!! :biggrin:
  11. ooohhh love her!!! :drool: You just can't beat the carly :tup:
  12. You're right. I think the legacy ponytail scarf would look awesome.
    I'm actually considering one for myself, too. So maybe I'm just partial to it? Haha.
  13. DANG!!! you are making me want to eat MORE chocolate and I had ENOUGH today!!!!!! LOLOL...ENJOY!!!!!
  14. Love it in chocolate ~ so rich and beautiful!:drool: Carly is a great bag. Enjoy!!
  15. IT's so pretty! Enjoy!