i gave in...but i love this giddy feeling!

  1. So i was upset that i didnt love anything during the sale...and then i went shopping today and didnt really fall in LOVE with anything (dont get me wrong i bought ALOT..hehe i got 7 shirts, sandles and a coach scarf and braclet)

    So when i saw that the sale had gone down even further and new items were online i went check and ended up ordering this:


    I dont remember how it looks IRL but it was 200 bucks...i figure i can use it for books and as a casual tote! it looks kinda cute and i like the fact that its a dark color so i can just throw it around and itll be ok! I just hope this doesnt end up like my hat :sad: and they have this one in stock!

    What do u guys think??? Im kind of really excited and have that funny feeling in my tummy hehe :smile:
  2. Its cute! I'm pretty sure I saw it in Scottsdale?? or one of the things that looks like it, but very cute for books and what not or going grocery shopping!!

    Congrats! I love getting designer things at great prices I feel the same way!!!
  3. YAY! You got a great deal! I was debating over all those totes. I wish I could've gotten one with the script and one without the script.
  4. Very cute- think I will get one too!
  5. hehe thaks you guys! i woke up feeling like, what did i just do! haha but u guys maDe me feel better about it!!! :smile:

    You guys want to know the sad part? i was so excited to buy it that i didnt even wait to call the scottsdale store and my fav sa...i just bought it online because i was scared the same thing that happened to my hat will happen to it!! hehe

    but the thing i hate about ordering online is their shipping takes FOREVER!! Well in the past it did...did any of ur girls order online? did they improve their shipping??
  6. haha and blue ur crazy, i love how ur like i think ill get one two and then an inch below is a little police man saying that ur banned! haha ur my kinda "banned" girl ;)
  7. I think it just varies, I'm assuming you chose standard shipping (wait, or did you catch the father's day upgrade). I got the upgrade and got it in 2 days:smile: Seemed like forever though!
  8. it was free shipping so im guessing it was the upgrade?? man i hope so!! im kind of anxious to use the bag now haha!

    THe more and more i think about it the more perfect it sounds! its huge! its blue so my brown gucci monogram planner and wallet will look HOT coming otu of it as will my black chanel accessories! and my mini speedy that holds my ipod and junk!!

    AND it wont get dirty!

    GO BUY IT GUYS!! :smile:
  9. Very cute and a great price too!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. NM had a gazillion of those boulevard bags on the clearance table. I can only imagine how many Gucci has left. The hat was reduced to $160....something's wrong when the bag is almost as cheap as the matching hat. :huh:
  11. I honestly dont think theres anything wrong with it...theres just two reasons for an overstock to happen. They either over estimated the popularity or there just wasnt a niche for that market.

    Think about most people that buy gucci handbags. MOST want something classic, something that people will spot from a mile away...something they can wear over and over again...they want the classic monogram or the leather to look chic. they want something that screams gucci...

    This is none of the above and i doubt it will apeal to a first time gucci buyer because it lacks monogram and leather....its bassically just a canvas tote with gucci written on it...not to exciting for MOST people with few bags or no bags. :smile: get it?

    and imo its also a younger more casual bag...most gucci bags tend to be a little more dressy...there just wasnt a huge niche for these ....

    but whatever i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! :smile: its so casual and perfect for school!