I gave in and bought my first LV

  1. Well, I went to return something at Saks and stopped into LV. I finally saw the much awaited green and pink denim and the preforated bags. So I figured I would be the first on my block with a pink denim baggy and I bought it. I've shown it to one person thus far who thought it was cute. I heard someone on here say that the denim is just going to wear like a pair of your favorite jeans. So hopefully I can work it out like that.
  2. Congratulations!!! :biggrin:
    The denim line is so cute for the summer!!!
  3. congrats :smile: plz supply us with pix
  4. Congrats on your new baggy! Post a pic for us when you can. Enjoy!
  5. congrats!!!! pleeeeese post pics of your new baby!!!!
  6. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag =)
  7. Congrat! pink denim for your first LV, very unique and fun! enjoy the bag and show us the pix!
  8. Sounds like the perfect purchase, enjoy!
  9. Congratulations, have fun wearing it. I want to buy a pink denim and am trying to decide what style. What made you buy this bag instead of any of the other styles?
  10. Congrats! I've been debating on whether or not it's worth the $ for the mini-pleaty but not sure yet.

    I can't wait to see the pics!
  11. Congrat's.. Plz post pic's
  12. PICS! Congrats..My green denim will be here tomorrow...cant wait...so cute!
  13. Congrats on your purchase ! :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations on your FIRST LV! And a pink Denim to boot!
  15. Congrats! I think that bag is so cute, I bet you will have lots of fun with it:P