I gave away my whiskey Paddy

  1. I am feeling a bit sick now so I need your help. I LOVE my whiskey paddington but I LOVE my sister more. I was on the phone with her this evening and she was telling me her DH and her were arguing about who was going to pay for diapers at Walmart. It made me so sick to my stomach. As some of you know, I have SO many bags...I live a different kind of lifestyle than her. I blurted out "you can have my whiskey paddington If you like" (she is coming in from T.O tomorrow). I could not believe I said it myself. I feel so guilty because I had told her that we are buying another house(Our second one) and she does not own a house. I got off the phone and went to the closet to see whiskey in her dustbag. I only wore her a few times, it'is still so hot! :crybaby: What did I do! I thought:wtf: . I did the right thing right? I mean, I hardly wore it and have like 15 other bags to wear this summer right????(Refer to my collection if clueless)HELP!!!!
  2. You rock!!!

    That is an amazing thing to do- you got to use it and love it and now so does she. :heart:

  3. I think that was so sweet of you. I wouldn't worry about it. I think you did a kind and generous thing!
  4. Amazingly sweet. If I were in a rut like that and someone offered me a bag as nice. WOW!! I'd feel so unbelievably happy, honored and excited!! Your a wonderful sis!!
  5. you never cease to amaze me star. not only are you quite humble and charming but very generous and compassionate as well. we all understand that you are blessed with the means to afford a lifestyle that most of us here could only dare to dream - but it is so rare to see someone like you be as kind as you are. I'm just floored. I guess its because I came from the entertainment industry and my hubbys still in it and it is RARE that we witness someone like you. You did an incredible thing. You did the right thing. I'm sure your sis appreciates you. Damn, like we all needed to like you more!
  6. You rock, and you have some great Karma coming your way.
  7. I guess.
    I feel like so bad, this is not going to help her situation but whatever *sigh*
    Thanks ^^^^^^^ - I am such a HALF ***** though(my new word) Because apart of me really wants it - but purely for collection purposes. That is why I gave it to her. She will really wear it everyday, me, who knoiws. Thanks for listening old pals!!!
  8. You are a kind soul for giving it to her and are human for wanting to keep it (albeit "purely for collection purposes"). Give yourself credit for being so thoughtful and a break for being real. I think you did a wonderful thing.
  9. I think you did the sweetest thing ever for your sis. I can understand that you'll let your paddy go with one laughing and one crying eye as we say here. You rock, girl!
  10. Hey, its still in the family!! you can always borrow!
  11. THANKS evryone!

    Only here can ones greedyness(is that a word) be exposed. I feel better, it's just a purse. It will go a long way for my sister.
  12. Thanks Bagnshoo:crybaby: :P
  13. Star...I'm new on here but I've seen your collection and read a lot of your post. You seem so down to earth and humble. I think that you did the right thing eventhough it wont help her situation it will help her smile everytime she looks at it. :smile:
  14. Thanks Mavycakes:heart: And Welcome!!!
  15. As long as she appreciates it, you did the right thing.
    I'd do anything for my little sister...

    Okay, I lied. :shame:
    She asked if she could have one of my bags-one that I never use no less, one of my CHEAPER bags AND she doesn't even own ONE designer bag...I flat out refused her. :lol: :P

    YOU are a better person than me!! :idea: