I gave a bag away today and it felt good!

  1. I have (had!) a beautiful burgandy leather carryall from several years ago, maybe from the Soho line? Anyway it was really nice, but I just never wore it anymore. I actually took it out and wore it for a few days several months ago, but I just wasnt feeling it, so I put it back on the bottom of the stack of boxes. My sister-in-law was the grateful recipient - she was totally thrilled and sooo excited, and I felt so good. She is a single mom and works hard and doesnt always have the $$ for expensive stuff, so I was happy for her to have it. It was in pristine condition, and she is planning to use it starting tomorrow. Yay! One down, several more to go to purge the collection a bit.
  2. That was so nice of you! I love doing things like that. I pass on my bags and accessories I don't use anymore to my mom or coworkers. If you have anything else to give away I guess I could take it off your hands...lol
  3. That was really nice of you.. I bet you feel great..
  4. Awe, that was so nice! She's lucky to have you as a SIL!! :yes:
  5. That is so nice of you!! Your SIL is a lucky lady!! It's too bad my SIL's turned out to be super B*tches, cause I am always giving things away.
  6. You did a really nice thing! Good for you, your sister in law is very lucky to have you! :smile:
  7. That was very nice of you!!
  8. That was a really nice thing for you to do. Your SIL is one lucky girl!
  9. Awww that was so nice of you! I am sure she is going to always remember that!
  10. That's so sweet of you! I'll bet she LOVED it!!!
  12. Can I be your honorary SIL?!?! I'm only a little b*tch, not a super b*tch :p

    That is so nice of you Donnalyn!!
  13. Haha you are TOO kind!!
  14. YOU are a really nice person!!!:flowers:
  15. what a sweet gesture.. and what a great feeling I bet! :tup: