I "Gather" I Got a Great Bargain :)

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  1. I was so sure I wouldn't be able to afford another gathered bag - they all end so high, even the small sized ones. Heck, even the wallets are super expensive!
    But I got a great price on an auction that ended this evening, just within the last 5 seconds placed a bid on eBay completely not expecting to win, and I won!! Only problem is it's missing the shoulder strap which is a minor bummer. But I think I can learn to survive :P anybody have any crafty solutions to a missing shoulder strap?


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    Congrats! Nice shade of gray. UPS just delivered my bordeaux yesterday. Just noticed it's a new day now.
  3. OMG! I was watching that auction and didn't get it because it was missing the strap. Congrats!
  4. Congratulations! I think a silver chain strap with a leather shoulder pad would work nicely and mimic the shape of the Sophia shoulder strap. The hardest part would be finding a leather piece that matched.
  5. I don't use the long strap on any of my Sophia's. I think they look great as satchels without the extra hanging strap. Congrats & enjoy!
  6. Very nice!
  7. Congratulations. My friend lost the strap to her regular leather sophia and she called customer service and they sent her a replacement strap for free. Try calling and giving them the style number and color of the bag and see if they have a replacement available.
  8. Gorgeous bag, love that color of gray.
  9. Very pretty! I have the gathered graphite Sophia as well. I agree with madisonave5011; try calling Coach and see if they can get you a replacement strap. That or keep your eye on eBay to see if by chance one pops up someday. I'd try calling Coach first, because there's no telling when or if the right strap will ever show up on eBay.
  10. Like the others said, I would try calling Coach to see if they have a replacement strap. If that fails, have you tried looking on etsy? I prefer to wear all my larger purses cross-body, so when I buy a bag that has a shorter shoulder strap (such as my new Legacy Rory) I will buy longer straps. The longer strap I found was for a black leather bag and it almost perfectly matches. Maybe you could work with one of the artists to create a similar strap?

    Let us know what you are able to do! and btw - BEAUTIFUL bag! I have wanted a gathered leather so bad, but the prices are a bit out of my reach for now :smile:
  11. So pretty!!! Congrats!!!!
  12. That is such a nice shade of gray. Loving the gathered leather in that color. Congrats!
  13. thanks for the help!! No luck with Coach, they said they only have Legacy strap replacements available. I'll give Etsy a shot and see what they have to offer :smile: Also love the idea of a chain link shoulder strap of sorts. Maybe I can find something that will suffice, but it's not a huge deal because if I can recall correctly, I never really use my shoulder straps to begin with.
  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I agree with the others, keep an eye out on ebay, ecrater, etsy, and bonanza. It might take a while, but those kinds of things always seem to pop up eventually! Or if you feel like being creative, and really want a shoulder strap now, take straps from other purses, either in your current collection, or go flea marketing or thrift store shopping (if you can) and find straps on other (can be non coach) bags that you like, that would work. You could possibly also take a leather belt to a leather or shoe repair shop and get hardware put on it, just an idea, definitely call first (I've not done this, just heard of others that have!) Either way she's a great find! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on the graphite gathered sophia!!