I gained PowerSeller status!

  1. I got a message today that I finally gained PowerSeller status on eBay! I know it doesn't mean anything special, but it was thrilling for me. Now I just have to keep my sales up to keep my PS emblem.
  2. Yeah Allison- Power seller and authentic items!!!!
  3. :wlae: How exciting! More power to you!! I was excited just to get my first star!
  4. very cool-congratulations!!!
  5. Congrats Allison~ me too! Just got it yesterday! Do we have to keep selling to keep it? I was just cleaning out the closet LOL! :yes:
  6. yeah you have to keep selling to keep it.
  7. This happened to me too, only because of the Bbags I have sold within the last couple of months. I was pretty excited too, but I won't continue selling bbags forever so my status will be short-lived I'm afraid.
  8. Yay! Go Allison! :yahoo:
  9. YAY! I was sooo excited to get my powerseller status earlier this year. You will get emails from ebay if you slip below the requirements. I expect mine will be pulled in the next couple of months as I really dont have much to sell anymore since all my Chloe bags are gone. But it was a nice ride while it lasted. Congrats to you!
  10. Congratulations! Do you get special perks along with the little icon by your name on the listing? I'm happy for you!:flowers:
  11. Congrats. It gave me a thrill the 1st time I became one too. The 1st time you ask? Haha, I have had it taken away and given back several times now. I never can keep up my quota of sales to keep it. Ebay is a hobby to me, thankfully not a job. A sell a few bags and they offer it again. So, what the hey! I accept it.
  12. Yeah, I had that status a few years ago and then lost it in month 4.....oh well....when you're hot, you're hot!!! CONGRATS!!!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Good for you!
  15. Congratulations allison.. but what does it mean? sorry i'm newbie when it comes to eBay?