I gained 10lbs and feel incredibly unhealthy =(

  1. I've always been an "eater", a late night eater at that with a fondness of sweets and full on heavy meals. Sometimes I eat 2 dinners. Terrible I know. Some people diet via healthier eating but I've always have trouble limiting my intake because I am so in love with food so in the past I've always used exercise to maintain my weight and it worked well for me. I used to run 5 miles 7 days a week. Unfortunately I injured my foot and have been unable to run for the last 6 months and now I have gained 10 pounds which is equivalent to about 10% of my total body weight. I feel incredibly unhealthy and gross. For someone my size, 10 pounds makes a significant difference and now, I can't even fit into a lot of my pants. =(* I can visually see and feel the extra jiggle on my body, not to mention I have serious muffin top now and it hangs unattractively over the ledge of my jeans. I've taken to wearing sweats instead. My foot still isn't healed yet and walking is still painful so it doesnt look like I will be running soon. If I could only control my munchies. :crybaby:
  2. I feel your pain. I am a terrible nibbler. I'm always popping something into my mouth. For breakfast, lunch and dinner I eat normal sized portions of food but I snack inbetween meals and at the mo I'm not exercising so the pounds which I was loosing are slowly creeping on again. I've just been away for three months and I bought tons of tasty nibbles back with me and I just can't help myself but indulge. I'm not going to throw anything away to stop myself from nibbling but I do need to exert some self control. :oh:
  3. You can try to cut the bad things out little by little. However once you get into the habit you stop craving for snacks. You could also replace those sweets with something else like yogurt or fruit. Has your doctor recommended any alternate ways of working out with your foot?
  4. I think you are being too hard on yourself. You broke your foot and therefore would have gained weight regardless, due to lack of activity. You know this is a temporary thing and as soon as you can run away, the weight will come off in a matter of weeks. Maybe you can try other types of exercise, like crunches or sit-ups (i.e. anything that does not inflict pressure onto your foot bone). As for meals, a thing that works for me is making a "colorful" salad -I will put very red peppers, orange squash, green leaves and lots of proteine like egg, cheese or tuna. Hope that helped!
  5. i totally understand- i'm a late night sweet eater too. i love food in general!

    what about lifting weights or doing things that don't require a lot of movement on your feet like pilates (i think most of it is lying down, right? at least the tape i had was) and crunches and leg lifts, etc. can you put any weight on your foot? if so you can probably add squats.

    hope this helps! it will come off soon i bet!
  6. I agree I think you might be too hard on yourself but I also understand because we, ourself tend to be our worst enemy when it comes to our own body. I usually don't eat late cuz I can't sleep on a really full stomach but I have a HUGH sweet tooth! Maybe your eating late cuz your not eating enough threw out the day, spilt your meals so you have 4-5 small meals including snacks & alway try to eat breakfast so by night time u'll be satisfy & if one night u get the craving eat something small like yogurt or a cup of milk (low fat-skim). As I love sweets I know I tend to gain weight easy so i trick my body & when I crave something sweet I drink a cup of chocolate (skim/low fat) milk or a Jello chocolate pudding (sugar-free or fat free). There's ways of going around it, my hubby's a personal trainer so I've learned alot about eating. You have to hold off running b-cuz of your foot but if u can get to a pool I've heard there's lots of excercises that can be done that are lite on your legs but can make a differences, if not be smarter with what u eat until u get better. Hope this helps! :idea:
  7. ohh hon so sorry about your foot. Is it any better by now? I am terrible with sweets too, I just love them and sometimes I feel like I can not control myself when it comes to sweets, just can't. What really helps me is not buying anything "bad", no pastries, muffins, chips, etc. When I crave something sweet I go for a yogurt, granola bar, an apple, etc. Dh works a this company where there is always meetings and presentations, there are always all types of cakes and cookies and I asked him not to bring me anything because I'd eat it without hesitation. I swear, he thinks I am kidding and keep bringing sh** and of course I always EAT it.

    Is there any way you can work out without putting to much presure in your foot? Like pilates, weights and such. Perhaps you can walk or jump in the eliptical machine if your doctor allows you. I totally understand how you feel and I hope you feel better soon, ((Hughs)). :flowers:
  8. i know how you feel. i am about 6-10lbs heavier than id like. im not heavy but idk..ya know how it is, always trying to lose those last ones.
    i eat TERRIBLE but i really dont have time to eat great, i just need something fast.
    it makes me feel bad about myself. i am really self conscious about my stomach. and to make matters worse my bf is pretty much same height, about 25 lbs more than me...but can fit into my low rise jeans (AND he fills the butt out better) (we had all our clothes on the floor and we both wear Destroyed Denim and have a lot of the same pairs (but the girl version for me and the boy for him) he picked them up by accident and then realized but just for hahas i wanted him to try them on, i didnt think hed be able to button them, but they did, they actually....kinda fit him better(well if he didnt have such muscular legs)
    and his mom is always telling me to watch what i eat and that stuff is fattening...my bf always says she doesnt mean anything by it, that its just cause shes asian but still...it makes me feel bad.
    i am 5'5"-5'6" and 125lbs.
  9. so i know how you feel. also i eat cause im bored...which i often am...i dont really remember what it feels like to be hungry, i just eat to eat. and my metabolism is slowing down.

    hang in there, im there with ya.

    you and i should be eachothers sponsors or something lol.
  10. I know how you feel, I lost 70lbs last year, by running (worked my way up to 40 miles a week) and healthy eating.. but somehow lost my way this year. I stopped running due to family issues, so far I have gained 24lbs. I'm trying to get back into my healthy habits but it is not easy this time around. I do so well during the week, I work out for one and a half to two hours, five days a week and then turn around and eat all the wrong foods. Good luck with your sweet tooth, I'm about to have mine pulled out.. :sad:
  11. i am th e*exact* same way- but exercise- running- kept my weight in check. cut yourself some slack- you'll be up and running again and the weight will melt off. i do hope you feel better soon!!!
  12. I did the math of what you posted, and it would mean you are 110 from 100 pounds. If so, I would not worry about your health yet :smile:
  13. I eat a lot and haven't been exercising (only walking the dog for a half hour per day) this past month because it's been getting cold. Luckily, I haven't put on a single pound....but I eat everything, the only thing I think might be helping me maintain my weight is a fiber supplement I use in drinks and foods. So try adding extra fiber into your diet until you can resume exercising.
  14. I was an avid runner until I got several injuries and had to stop. Then, I gained a ton of weight because the other cardio didn't compare to the running my body was used to and I didn't adjust my calories to adapt to the no running stage. I hope your injury heals and I need to stop stuffing my face since my running days are over!
  15. I am 5' 1" and 125 pounds, which for me, is overweight. I weighed just under 110 throughout high school and was very slender (with no effort: it was just youth and metabolism), but that was a long time ago. I would like to get back down to 115, which is the "ideal" for my height, but it seems impossible unless I really really cut back on calories. Anyway I got a pedometer last weekend and have been walking over 10,000 steps per day since, mostly in the form of 3.5 - 4 mile outdoor walks. I hate running -- makes my knees and back hurt.