I Fu?@#ng HATE TICKS!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Is anyone else have a problem with ticks this year? I moved to a highly wooded area and I found 3 ticks on my babies. I have never had a problem before but the vet said that ticks this year are extremly bad. grrrrr I put frontline on them but still the thought of them crawling on them makes my skin crawl. Sorry just had to rant.:cursing:

    Anyone know anything that works to keep them off dogs and humans?
  2. Yes yes yes! It's better now with the cooler weather. About a month ago my dog was full of ticks/fleas so much so that one time DH and I found over a dozen of them on her!!! DH even started calling her 'the bus' coz everytime she went out to the backyard she picked up more!
  3. try advantage. it works within the same day... let her walk around the house so when the fleas get on her, they will DIE!!! haha.i hate fleas too!! they're such a nuisance and make me feel really dirty
  4. Ticks are so gross and they scare the crap out of me! Josie, my Bichon, got one this summer at our vacation home and it turned into a big hot spot. :sad: I actually had to take him to the vet to get it out because I was so freaked out by it. :shame: Since I put him on Frontline, I haven't found another but you might want to try to keep your dog out of high grass (or cut the high grass) because this is how the ticks mainly attach to pets.
  5. Frontline works GREAT for us..BUT another great thing to do is spray your property.Home Depot sells a yard spray..it kills all ticks for like 3 months..worth every penny and takes 15 min to do it.PHH does it every summer...since my daughter got like 4 ticks on her..as well as the lovely rashes...
  6. My husky cross has had ticks--they are SO icky!!! Her fur is so thick that I didn't find the ticks until they were huge. EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't let her run in tall grass anymore, nor around rotting trees. Apparently that is where they "wait."

    I found that saturating a cotton ball with alcohol and pressing it on the tick helps to remove them. You need to use enough to soak the tick. They really hang on, so you have to pull hard to remove them, then clean the area with alcohol.

    We have a product in Canada called "Revolution" that gets rid of ticks, fleas, everything. If you can get it, it's really good.

    I feel for you--ticks freak me out more than any other insect. :sick: