I FREAKING LOVE THIS BAG!! PRE-SALE, who is doing it?!

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  1. I'm so freaking tempted to pre-order a fall Maxi studded Veneta. I don't know why, but this bag pushes all my buttons. I called NM and asked them @ quantity of these bags - i.e. should I pre-order one so I don't get left out in the cold. He wouldn't tell me how many NM had ordered, so i'm not sure what to do.

    Is anyone else preordering BV bags - just to check them out in person and not lose out?
  2. I'm thinking about doing a bag and pair of shoes. Haven't taken the plunge yet.
  3. [​IMG]

  4. I know how you feel. I was so tempted to preorder the Sloane in Scala the moment I laid eyes on it! The color is TDF! My big concern is when I actually have to pay for it-now or when it ships? I think I will take my chances with Ana finding me a bag in this color when they actually hit the stores. Hmmm...maybe another campana...
  5. *whines with envy* I'd preorder it if I could afford it!
  6. Beaux, girl, I am SOO with you! :tup: Roberto (SF BV) gave me the specifics on this bag and it is TDF (leather covered studs!!), I can't wait to see it IRL! My Veneta :heart: continues....:rolleyes:
  7. *giggle*

    beaux, you're really gunning for this Maxi Veneta aren't you? I can feel all ya pent up energy all the way from Singapore! :p

    What is the policy like at NM? If you can easily get a refund when you finally get the bag, then I say, pre-order it already! If it's gonna be a hassle - no exchange/ refund, then I'd go with waiting to see it IRL :yes:
  8. Beaux, which NM are you ordering from? I tried calling mine in regards to an embroidered maxi veneta but she's still checking... I heard they all have different buyers so I can only hope that hers has the right stuff...

    In regards to NM's return policy, it's "saleable condition anytime." Totally worth the try if you ask me!
  9. Pre-order it! Most likely what happens is they'll charge you when it comes in and if you don't like it they just return it! Better to have one there for you just in case!!!
  10. You pay for the bag when it ships - sometime in October....when you put the bag in your shopping cart, the Saks website will have a note that tells you that. I got the scala on pre-sale b/c I'll have a few months to be good until i have to pay the piper...
  11. the nice thing about a pre-order is it guarantees you get the bag and you know the bag will be brand spankin new, untouched by grubby hands. also, if you happen to see the bag in a store before you receive your pre-order (which seems to often be the case, in my experience) and decide you don't love it as much as you thought, you can cancel it online, no muss no fuss.

    any more information on the actual dimensions of the maxi? it's more for comparisons sake since the veneta has such an unusual profile that it looks much smaller IRL than it seems on paper. i tried on the smaller veneta recently and felt teeny tiny to me! still loved it though...
  12. ^^I felt the same way. The medium veneta felt lillipution to me. My "large" veneta just felt just right - so i'm hoping the Maxi is oversized. I'm only 5'4 too.

    Humm - honest opinions, do you guys think this style will sell out? If so i'll pre-order.

  13. I don't know about selling out. But as Bunkie said, the return policy sounds pretty good to me, so I'm FOR pre-ordering :p
  14. Pre-order, beaux!
  15. Agree with everyone, pre-order it. =)