i found "wrinkles" on my first's strap...!

  1. does anyone know if i have to worry about this? i just received this BI first and as i was admiring it, hanging it by the strap, when i noticed that the strap has "wrinkles", like lossening of skin, as if a thin surface of the leather is separated from the thicker centre of the strap. is anyone familiar with this? do i have to worry about this? can do something about it? :confused1: thanks!
  2. Can you post a photo?
  3. let me try posting pic...
  4. Yes, I can see the photos. I don't think it's unusual to have some wrinkling (like distressing) but it looks like the wrinkles are actually raised up. My bags don't have that, so I'm not sure how unusual it is. I'm not sure whether or not it would bother me, but it sounds like it does bother you. Do you have the option to return or exchange?
  5. the wrinkles are definitely not the distressing sort. the wrinkles are raised. just like loosening skin. i am not yet sure how much this bothers me at this point. i am OK if there is something i can do, or if this is not a sign of further deteriorations... is there any products i can use on it? is this just a sign of drying? or something more? like the beginning of peelings that i heard in some b-bags...?
  6. they look normal to me in the pics
  7. I think that the BI leather is sort of "fluffy" - so it sort of looks like that
    I don't think you should be concerned
  8. I have the exact same on my 04 white city.. But it is more than well loved! Lol!
  9. I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. I agree...

    The strap on my Twiggy is quite wrinkly/ puffy but I dont consider it a defect...
  11. hiya all. ah. that is a relief. for some reason, i thought this is a sign of further trouble, like peeling or cracking...
  12. by the way, the raised wrinkles felt like thin layers separated from the core/base of the strap itself. does that make any sense? like wrinkled sheet on top of a mattres.
  13. I don't think the leather is actually glued to the core of the strap, hence the ability to wrinkle.