I found Vernors Soda in Louisiana!

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  1. So excited! I went to Michigan State and was introduced to Vernors; it quickly became my favorite. I think it is only available in Michigan and surrounding areas.

    Imagine my excitement to find ONE lonely six-pack in my local grocery store; I could hardly wait for it to get chilled. It brought back some fun memories of setting the sodas outside on the window sill in the winter at the dorm! :smile:

    Yes, it is still delicious!
  2. Yum, I love Vernors!
  3. Too funny! I live in Michigan so I'm just used to seeing it everywhere. Keep checking that same store and stock up whenever they have it. Maybe they could even order it for you?
  4. :smile: my parents are from Ohio and whenever they drive back to visit family they always completely stock up on it. We love it!
  5. Aw my husband went to State too and loves getting a Vernors when he's back home in MI! Enjoy your find :smile:
  6. Lol we have it here too in CA...we found it in Ralph's grocery store. I'm not too fond of it but my parents love it.
  7. You ever make a Vernor's float or milkshake (Boston Cooler)? Delicious!
  8. I swear I see this in the grocery store all the time. I always thought it looked generic! But you are saying I should try some........
  9. I've never heard of it. What makes it so different, the variety of flavors or is it like the old-fashioned soda?
  10. yay, vernors! and YAY, MSU! :smile: i went there too! graduated in 2000. i live in MI and my relatives in FL used to have us ship them vernors and made-rite potato chips as treats. vernors also reminds me of going to my grandparents' house. when we went over there, grandma would give me vernors in these colorful cups she had for the grandkids. now that they have passed, i have my cup and i swear it tastes the best in that cup -- my vernors cup! glad you found vernors!
  11. It's an incredibly popular and intensely flavored/carbonated ginger ale from Detroit, and the one of the oldest continuously-produced sodas onthe market. The story goes that a batch of ginger-ale syrup was forgotten in barrels while James Vernor was off fighting in the Civil War and the resulting soda was different from any other ginger ale at the time.

    I can't drink it straight (I associate it with stomach illness - the intense carbonation is useful when one's sick), but I always use it in a whiskey and ginger, or the previously mentioned Boston Cooler.
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vernor's. I'm from Michigan as well, and I guess I never realized that Vernor's is a Michigan thing. But, it tastes sooo yummy.

    I also prefer not to drink it straight. I like it in a Boston Cooler (OMG SO GOOOD!) or with whiskey or even vodka.

    Also, do you Michigan ladies know that they changed the sweetener in Vernor's? Apparently it used to be an all natural sweetener. And, now... they use what else... High Fructose Corn Syrup. :sad: I wish they'd go back to using the all natural sweetener! It would make me like it even more!
  13. isn't that what happened in the 80's (approx) w/ all sodas? this summer pepsi has been selling pepsi and mt dew "throwback" drinks w/ sugar and not corn syrup. it costs about 5-cents more per can to make because of the sugar. i am not a mt dew fan, but my DBF says that it definitely tastes better. i had the pepsi and thought it was fine, but i don't drink a lot of pop so i can't compare. now the throwbacks are getting harder to find. we did find coke that's made in mexico at sam's club in the big 12 oz glass bottles! that is made w/ sugar and tastes awesome. 24 bottles was about $18-19.
  14. Why do companies have to mess with a good thing?!

    Vernor's is a really tasty ginger ale!
  15. I'll have to try the throwback Mountain Dew!! I LOOOVEEEEE Mt. Dew.

    The sweetener used in Vernor's was stevia. It's an herb. The FDA banned it in 1991, but Japan has used it all along. Apparently, stevia has been re-approved by the FDA. So... maybe Vernor's will start using it again! :yahoo: My mom said the Vernor's we drink now tastes WAYYYY different than it did in the 80s. She said it was WAY better before!