I Found Two Dogs Today

  1. While I was walking one of my dogs today, two strays joined us and followed us home. Actually, I encouraged them to do so, since they were running in the road and I didn't want them to get hit by a car. We live on a narrow, winding country road.

    I knocked on so many doors, hung up signs on telephone poles, put a notice up at the market, called the vet's office in town, asked the mailman, and now I can't think what to do next.

    I can't keep them b/c I already have three dogs and two cats, and my husband will go crazy over more pets.

    I notified the shelter in case anyone reports missing dogs, but so far no one has called. They asked if I could keep them overnight and they'd pick them up tomorrow if no one calls me. This just breaks my heart. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Anything else I can do to try and find their owner?

    They are nice dogs, very well behaved, but not well -groomed. One has tons of ticks and I've tried to pull them all out. They both have significant ear infections, but are very affectionate and friendly. One is a small black lab and the other is maybe a border collie, but I'm not sure.

    If you have any ideas that I haven't thought of, I'd appreciate your help. Thanks so much!
  2. Aw this is so sad, obciously the dogs have not been well looked after so perhaps at least at the shelter they will have food & veterinary care.
    Have you notified the police in the area sometimes people call there about missing dogs
  3. Oh, Bagangel, thanks for the suggestion. I never thought of that. I'll call right now.
  4. ^although if someone lets their dogs get infested with ticks and have ear infections, do u really want to put those poor dogs back in that unhealthy environment?

    It was so sweet of you to take them in...maybe try a breed rescue or a no-kill animal shelter?
  5. Couturegirl, thank you for responding. My DH came home from work and he fell in love with them. He said let's wait until tomorrow to make a decision about keeping them, which is positive. Did I mention I named them Daisy and Piper? They're both girls, I think, and they are so sweet. I think they were dumped and I want to give them a loving home. I put Frontline on them and got all their ticks off (hopefully). They're sleeping under my feet right now. They ate a huge dinner and lots of snacks and my other three dogs shared their water dish and toys with them.

    I did get the name of a rescue group that might take them if my DH won't let us keep them, but hopefully I won't have to worry about that.

    Thanks again for writing. I'm beside myself with anxiety, love, joy and worry.
  6. Leelee, it's lovely of you to take them in for now. Do you go to church? Is it possible to keep the two dogs until Sunday at least and put up a notice on your church's bulletin board? Also places like the library? Is there absolutely no way to convince your DH to keep them?
  7. I have a feeling your family just got a little bigger.;)

    I don't understand how people can not care about animals. I wish everyone was more like you Leelee. It sounds like they are getting alone with the other animals which is a good sign. The longer they are there the harder it will be for your DH to let them go and from what you said he is already starting to fall in love with them
  8. passerby and beljwl, oh, thank you both so much for writing! Every hour that goes by looks more promising that I can keep them. My DH is really enjoying these babies b/c they are so cute and my other pets instantly bonded with them. I don't see how he can turn them away. Thanks again for your good thoughts. I want so much to give them a happy home!
  9. Oh Leelee, I've been there... literally. You can read my saga here:
    I know exactly the feelings you're having right now, and BLESS YOU for being so kind and taking those sweet pups in! You are truly an angel.

    Definitely take them to a vet, regardless of whether or not you plan to keep them... they will be able to give you lots of important info, like age, vaccines, etc. My vet was wonderful and did it for free since it was a stray I'd found, so you may want to mention your story with them. Also, if your DH decides against keeping them (it is a huge decision, but maybe God put them in your life for a reason? ;) ) see if there's any rescue groups you can take them to rather than shelters. A lot of times shelters just can't keep turn ins for very long as they run out of space quickly, and it would be terrible for those babies to be put down before they had a chance to find a forever home. I don't think you mentioned this before, what breed do they look to be?

    Regardless, again let me give you a million pats on the back for what you're doing for these sweeties. It's people like you, with your good hearts, that make the world a better place! :flowers: keep us posted!
  10. TTucker, I appreicate your kind words and advice. I actually remember your story very well. In fact, I thought of you when I found these two angels. Your situation made such an impact on me.

    They are sleeping now and so is my DH, but I have decided that if we absolutely can't keep them, I'll call a rescue group. I just don't want to leave their fate up to a shelter. I also know this is too much to hope for, but if they can't stay with us, I prefer that they are adopted as a pair. I can't bear to think of them being separtated after all the trauma they've been through.

    Thanks again for your warm, kind words. I am praying they can live with us forever. I'll let you know. Thanks again!
  11. What a great person you are!!! Please contact me if you need *any* help at all finding rescue groups, etc... I live in the south but have a few contacts with rescues and would be happy to call them and/or help you research!
  12. Welcome & good luck!
  13. Aww Leelee, what a sweetie you are. I hope you get to keep them, I am sure those little doggies are thinking the same thing! They are probably sleeping right now with visions of being part of your great family. Let us know what happens.
  14. I totally don't blame you!!

    My vote is for keeping them...they deserve a great, responsible owner like yourself!!:yahoo:
  15. that is VERY sweet of you to pick them up and try to help them. i would be careful with removing ticks though because sometimes their little fangs get stuck under the skin so definately go to a vet and see what they recommend doing.