I found this seller suspicious

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  1. So, I have been trying to get my FIRST Chanel bag. I've looked at some online pre-loved bag stores recommended by some members here as well as ebay. I also have been following this ebay seller, Yuko, for a while now. I observed some stuff that makes me suspicious of this seller. First, several items that I was watching closely would all of sudden receive really high bids that raised up the price a lot when it was getting closer to the end of the auction (but not those few minutes before the end). I saw several of these high bidders had no feedback at all (the zero after their ID). Then, Yuko had this red lambskin flap bag that someone won at the price of $1400. Then, I saw it relisted. :confused1:

    Of course, these all can have a different explanation. Maybe I am just afraid of getting a bad deal, etc.

    Anyone had experience with this seller? Does what I described sound suspicious to you?
  2. I have also been watching this seller for a while but I find that most of the bags are in horrible or even disgusting condition.
  3. This is actually how ebay bidding works most of the time for expensive items.
    The sellers would have fake accounts or however they do to have the bids to go up really high toward the end to raise the price. It is the same thing with clothes, shoes, whatever items for sale on ebay too. So if you see something that's supposed to be expensive is listed at a low price, chances are they will raise the price like crazy close to the end. I would never buy from sellers who do that.
  4. That sounds suspicious to me. It makes it look like they will let it go for what the market will pay but in reality they have a fixed price they want for it. Why not just list it as Buy It Now?
  5. This is not the kind of seller I would look to buy a Chanel bag from.

    There are many many reputable resellers of Chanel bags that are not on ebay & certainly
    many that have good reputations for Chanel that are on ebay that don't resort to these

    Good luck finding the Chanel bag of your dreams
  6. I wonder that maybe listing for auction makes it more likely to sell for higher price? more profits...
  7. Thank you! I actually purchased a white lambskin east west accordion flap from Yoogi's Closet, but the MM lock was so hard for me to close, makes it not a practical bag to carry. So I returned it. I'm continuing my search:drool: (looking at these beautiful bags makes me drool)
  8. I have purchased two vintage bags from yuko over the past year. They are 100 percent authentic.

    I did not have a similar experience as far as the bidding structure you've described. However, I put in my bids early on so maybe that's why I didn't have the same experience.

    I paid $2200 for a vintage black lambskin m/l flap

    I paid $1700 for a vintage black lambskin small flap (vertical stripes)

    For each of the auctions, I simply put in my highest bid and won. It was as simple as that.

    If it's any consolation, the bags are authentic (at least in my experience). I hope you find your dream bag soon! Good luck.
  9. I have also been following this seller yuko0702. A couple of months ago was looking for a Chanel ptt. I wanted to bid, but before that I wanted to see how much a ptt goes for approximately, so i looked at the seller's feedback to see if they have sold one. I found a previous sale of a ptt with same serial number! I found it odd, but then I thought the buyer might have return it or something, so I did bid and didn't win. Some weeks later I saw the bag with the same serial number listed again!
  10. beautifulldk, I saw the same thing when I looked up the seller's feedback. That makes me feel that the seller may tried to raise up the price and actually won and had to relist it. I do love that red lambskin bag that is relisted but I am afraid to bid.:sad:
  11. Yuko has been the topic of conversation over in the eBay forum.

    I have a few vintage bags from Yuko and all have been authenticated. There is a lot of speculation that they shill bid when items go for really low. I have personally gotten very good deals from them. Unlike some of the sellers Yuko is very good about answering questions.

    I put in my max bid and let the chips fall where they may. Good luck on finding your bag! I think Yuko can be a really good place to find bags but get them authenticated first.
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