I found this Bulga bargain today!

  1. Went to Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus today, was lucky enough to find this Bulga bag and this IF wallet for over half off at Nordstrom! Then I saw a black Kooba deeply discounted at NM. Since I have seven black bags already, I had to pass on that one but I bought these Cole Haan shoes in black and brown for half off too! Sorry about the dark pics...the "clear" one is too large to post. You really cant see the wallet but it's the bronze one that says "thou shalt splurge." It was reg $175 and marked down to $86.90.
  2. I like those shoes - I found a pair of Cole Haan shoes at Marshall's last week for $59 - they sell for $165 on their website!!

    Congrats on all your great finds!
  3. Hey, great shopping day! Did you ever get the Tate?
  4. congrats on the bulga find! it's really cute!
  5. so jealous lol! great find on the bulga-- the leather is great! enjoy!
  6. What a great Bulga find. Congrats, lucky girl. :yes:
  7. Not yet, it just didn't cut the mustard! (pun intended)
  8. Thanks Momo, Knics and Jade, I took her out today and she's perfect!
  9. Hahaha. My tate isn't working out either. It's too heavy for the purpose I intended. I take it to meetings outside of the office because it's big and holds a lot of stuff. But most of those meetings are downtown, and I usually take the train and walk, the bag becomes a pain to carry after a while. It's too bad, I only used it a few times. I think I'm going to give it to my mom, since she drives to work, the weight won't matter for her.
  10. the weight of the tate was what stopped me from buying it. sorry it didn't work out for you. but it just means that you can look for something else.
  11. Oh, it's already been replaced, :p I move quickly. My mom won't buy any bags, so she just takes what I don't want anymore. And she was eyeing this one a month ago.

    Congrats on your new purchases, Tonij!
  12. Was it the Tate Grande? My regular Tate isn't heavy...just wondering! :smile:
  13. No, it was the regular Tate (distressed leather). I'm just not used to heavy bags, couldn't swing the Kooba Sloane either. The replacement is a Tumi, very light ;)
  14. Thanks! There are great deals to be found I'm told at Marshalls and TJMaxx in Chicago. I'll be there in a couple of weeks! Around here, Marshalls sucks but one can find a little sumthin nice occasionally in TJMaxx.

  15. How odd. I have the regular Tate and I find it light as a feather. It almost feels like nothing to me, but then again I'm used to carrying Kooba and Botkier. :lol: