I found this amusing

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  1. "You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later." :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Can't blame a girl for trying, can you? :wacko:
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  2. lol.
  3. hehe... it's the same kind of silly message at the TFS forum... "you must spread some reputation around before giving anymore to this member".

    BTW, how does one view rep. points? :wondering
  4. You can view your rep points by clicking on "User CP" at the top left of your screen :biggrin:
  5. hi- i'm wondering too- I clicked on that, but what like category is it under ?

  6. Upon clicking on "User CP", where then can the points be viewed? Does one have to click another subheading?
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  7. It should show up right there on your screen. It should show the little positive/negative rep points, plus any comments that have been left. That's how it shows up on my screen, below the section that shows any threads I've subscribed to.
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  8. hmm... that's weird... it's not on mine... maybe i don't have any?
    thanks for your help i appreciate it : )
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  9. LOL- I just checked and that Jenniferm chick who *****ed out Swanky gave me a neg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I defended a mod being viciously spoken too!LOL! OUCH! Like I care...what a troll!
  10. I just gave you a rep point, maybe you can see it now? :biggrin:

    Sorry I'm not much help, I'm just going off of what I see on my screen :lol:
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  11. yay! thx so much for your help Cristina! I can see it!! Now i'll go and give you some!! wahoo
  12. I think you are limited to 10 a day (because I counted as I was giving them out today!!) LOL!

    I wish it would show more than the last 5 though. Some I got were from people with not enough posts to count yet, and then later they turned green but I can't see which ones. ;)
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  13. I guess I don't have any , either, because I can't see anything!
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  14. LoL
  15. You're not alone, I got a negative from her as well!!!