I found the White Mandy at my outlet last night!

  1. I don't usually post here, I just lurk, but I am so excited I must share! I found the Mandy at the outlet in Jeffersonville, OH last night. She is perfect, and she was marked down and marked down, so I ended up getting her for over 50% off the original price! Oh btw, my name is Mandy, so how perfect!!! Ok, I'm back to Earth.
  2. Welcome and congrats! :flowers: Please post pics! :yes:
  3. Yah !! how much were you able to get her for ? POST PICS !!!! :tup:
  4. Welcome...and come join us in our COACH "madness"!:biggrin:
  5. Thanks everyone! I ended up paying $350 something tax, title and out the door. I'll try to take pics with my phone and post. Now I need something orangish to go with her. Maybe the Bleeker mini wallet in Rose?!
  6. Congrats!!!!
  7. congrats! :tup: Can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  8. Great Congrats where are you located to Ann Arbor? I am wondering if your Coach oputlet is closer then mine?

  9. Congratulations Mandy, on your new Mandy! It's like she was made for especially for YOU!

    I hope you enjoy wearing her!:tup:
  10. I am actually live near Columbus, OH and the closest outlet is Jeffersonville, OH which is about 30-35 miles away. Not to bad.
  11. I love the Mandy! And the Legacy white is gorgeous. I think the Mandy is the perfect size bag too. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! I love the Mandy in white! Can't wait to see pics!
  13. I love White Bags! The Mandy in White is Beautiful1
  14. Pics! Pics! Pics!:drool::drool:

  15. Columbus is like 2 hours from me...You say 30-35 minutes away...In the direction of Canton? I wonder...I'll have to check for that would put it an hour and a half for me if that the case...And I could possibly check it out sometime! What my luck it will be in the opposite direction...:rolleyes:...I so wish I knew how to locate the nearest Coach Outlet near me...((((SIGH))))

    CONGRADULATIONS! She was MADE for you! WOO~HOO!!!