I found the ring :)

  1. So after searching for about 6 hours I finally found the ring I was looking for. I saw one I liked at the zales outlet (I was trying to stay with same company as last ring) the sales lady told me it was 1,900 plus tax so when she went to do the exchange the ring rang up 3900 and she said it was not tagged right...well after spending 45 mins deciding to get that one based on her price she quoted me I was a little annoyed and decided to return the first ring since they had nothing I liked in the whole store. I then went to Jared where a very nice lady helped me build my own ring by choosing the setting and the center separately. so finally I am happy with this one :smile: my little mothers day present :smile:
    image-412828009.jpg image-1774762915.jpg
  2. What a gorgeous ring! Love the uniqueness of it! Congrats!
  3. Yes, totally unique and lovely!
  4. A beautiful setting!
  5. Congrats!
  6. It's goregous ! I like it much better than the other one you posted ! Congrats !! Have you done a reveal of your black Chanel ?
  7. It's lovely, enjoy it!
  8. I just got my Chanel today and haven't got a chance to reveal her yet hopefully tomorrow
  9. It's a very pretty ring!
  10. Very nice!!
  11. Thanks :smile: I love it!!