I found the perfect shoes to match my Speedy Azur!!! come look =)

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  1. Although these shoes are not LV gasp* they still very adorable!!! :yahoo:

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  2. Are they Marc by Marc Jacob? :x they are so pretty :smile:
  3. ^^ yes they are :smile:
  4. very cute- warm days here we come!
  5. sooooo cute!!!
  6. Fun Shoes! Enjoy your new shoes with your gorgeous speedy, bring on the warm weather!!
  7. they're suuuper cute!! perfect w.your speedy ;)
  8. Very, very cute! Congrats :smile:
  9. How cute!
  10. Nice bag, nice shoes =] Can't wait to get mine.
  11. those are soo cute and match so well!
  12. Cute! Congrats!
  13. Cute!
  14. So cute!
  15. really match with your azur!