I found the perfect outfit on eBay!

  1. Don't like the shoes, but the rest is hot!
  2. What are you wearing on top?
  3. LOL, if I could afford it black or white, probably. You can only have so much pink, I guess!
  4. I love the shoes and bag.
  5. I LOVE those shoes!!!
  6. i love the bag and those jeans.
  7. i like the jeans and bag but the shoes im not fond of
  8. :yes: I agree with br00kelyn love everything except the shoes.
  9. Nice color coordination!
  10. I was looking at that Metallic First on eBay earlier! LOL. Very hot!
  11. I've eyed that metallic First haha... would look hot with the jeans, but I'm not a clog person :smile:

  12. Great outfit. Not really feeling the clogs, either.