I found the Original, Foresta, Paradiso, Citta, Citta Rosa's!!

  1. Here is the website so maybe you can try calling and see if they do phone orders! http://mechanized.com/

    They had a Foresta Cucciolo and Portatelefono, a Paradiso Zucca, Bocces, Dolces, Gioco, Trenino, and I saw a Citta Trenino, Denaros, and 2 Original Print Bambinones!! They also had Inferno Bocces, and some other stuff. They are all at retail price though. :sad:
  2. Hi cytheria, i went to the website but no photos / info on toki bags. Where is this shop located?
  3. Yeah they don't have it on their website. It's at their actual store. I just went there today. :smile: I don't know if they do phone orders or not but you can call and check.
  4. Oh and they are located in Utah.
  5. I didn't see any either. Did you call to find out what they had? :shrugs:
  6. I was looking on their website..danggg did you guys see that car with all the dunny (i think?) on it? Wow.

  7. I haven't seen that one yet. Someone posted pics of Tokidoki cars at a carshow on this forum not too long. The other cars I thought looked better.
  8. ahhh DUNNIES!!!! :love: I think I did visit this site before... I didn't think to ask them if they had anything at their actual store!

    I just emailed them :yahoo:
  9. You got the link to those? When I get my new car...I want it to be all toki-ied out.
  10. that car reminds me of the dunny hoodie my bf has.. looks just like that! lol

    as for totally up how much $$$ i spent on tokidoki.. hmm.. i think i only spent about 900 dollars :x
  11. That car is :nuts: . Looks like a girl should be driving that sucka!! Vmasterz posted pix of the other cars...speaking of which where has Vmasterz = Inferno:heart: er been? :shrugs:
  12. I don't know! I haven't heard from her all day and I even sent new pics of her new shipment that came today. She must have something better to do than the rest of us!:wlae: :whistle: :wondering Really, she's been so excited to see her new stuff...I'm a little worried about her.:shocked:
  13. Hihi! Im here..just been busy with school so I dont have much time to post at all...super overwhelmed with assignments and projects..a lil brain dead :yucky: :biggrin: Too bad that the foresta cucciolo is at reg price...I would have loved it..but I think its tooooo big for me hahaha
  14. Glad you were just busy!:yes:
  15. :biggrin: hehe..I'll be here every now and then just to see whats up :biggrin: