I found the Magenta Bleecker.. .Again...

  1. I found it at my Macy's again, and I couldn't resist it at the new price! I'm weak!!! I paid and went, as I had more Christmas shopping to do.. I got it home and totally inspected it and I am unhappy. It looks as though someone bought it and wore it and then returned it... or it has been seriously manhandled! I mean, it's not horrible, but not new looking at all with scratches and the leather pull is really soft now, and the one I bough before was more stiff... and the plastic thingy that holds the tag is really stretched out like it was pulled to get the tag off, and then the tag was put back on:confused1:

    I dunno.. maybe I should just take it back again.. maybe it wasn't meant to be.. :shrugs: I could try and wait for another nice pink item, I guess.

    I also went to coach and they were almost wiped out!!! Macy's had more stuff at the lower prices.. I got some black Barrett tennis shoes!
  2. Hmmm...if you aren't satisifed 100% then return it. I know other people don't have a problem owning pre-owned bags, even Hermes, if they are in decent enough shape and not like they were thrown under a truck driving by on the highway. My bleecker leather pull is very soft, so maybe you just got a stiff one the first time? I actually prefer it to be softer, it feels more real.
  3. I don't want to sound really picky because I am not really:lol: I would take a pre-owned Hermes!

    But really this bag does not look new at all... it really looks like it has been worn in. I don't know if I want to pay full price for a bag that has been worn. I am convinced that it was worn and returned. It doesn't feel like it was just touched at the store, opened, closed ETC.
  4. Tara, I think that you can go and pre-order it with Coach and if you have the Coupon
    for the Winter Event you can get it for $250. That is a great price for that bag.
    I like you would like a bag that had not been worn or carried before. I am going to order a bag today and request it be sent from JAX. I need it to be in excellent condition.
  5. Well, if it is going to bother you in a month or so, after you've worn it around, then take it back! Or years from now when it's all broken in and used you will be saying...but it was like that when I got it.

    Just remember that you're going to put more use on it than it has gotten already! And if it bothers you, then don't keep it!
  6. If I paid new price for an item, I'd want it to be new. Of course it will get worn in, but I like to be the one to do it! I'm just weird that way! Only you can decide how important it is to you, but it doesn't sound like you are satisfied, so I'd return it if I were you.
  7. As much as these bags cost (heck I'd say that even with a $50 bag), if you aren't 100% happy, I'd take it back...
  8. I agree, take it back and if you love that bag, order it through coach with pce. if not, something else will come along. :yes:
  9. Yes I agree, I saw that bag at Macys yesterday and tried it on, it was cute. For that price you need to be totally happy with it. If there is any question at all about it then you are not happy and I would def take it back !
  10. dont do it!! return it!! i saw the ones at macys tooo and they were garbage! they had like a yellow tint to them and were so scratched like most clearance at macys
  11. Man I just love this color! I can for sure pre-order it from Coach?? I don't want to end up not being able to get it again:sad: I was wondering if I can use leather moisturizer on this leather? Maybe that would help the scratches?

    I'm gonna post some pics of the scratches..
  13. From far away it looks good....


    I tried to get some pics of the scratches..




  14. Return it. There's too many scratches on it. I'd pre-order from Coach and ask for the 25% off. Mine came in perfect condition; no discolorations or scratches on it at all.

  15. That's the way ALL bags ordered from JAX should be....no discolorations or scratches on them at all....TARALINDSEY.....call Coach and order it thru them~!!!!!!!!!!:yes: