I found the light !

  1. Hello Ladies!
    After a year of MIA I'm coming over from the dark side. I scored a 05 Chloe Paddy in Craie last year, still love her to death, but over the past few months have become obsessed with Bbags.

    Here's my question:
    Do I go for the 05 Black First in MINT condition :yahoo: or do a 08 GSH Black City? I'm mesmerized by the GSH, but I know the 05's are hard to find, plus the leather is supposed to be divine. I'm also concerned that the First might be a tag small.

    Suggestion and advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I say go for the bag that you will be able to use most- if you think the first might be too small, then go for the black city. I have two 05 bags, and although the leather is very soft and drapey, what I've noticed is that it's also much more delicate. The glaze rubs off almost immediately, and it's more prone to discoloration, stains, etc. My 07 bags have a thicker glaze and are much more durable. I find myself using my 07 bags as everyday bags, and worrying less about them. I rarely use my mint-condition 05 bag because I'm so scared of hurting her!
  3. Unless you carry very little go for the City.
  4. My vote...go for the mint'05 first. It's nice to have a small on the go bag. The 05 leather is coveted.
  5. Hello there :graucho:

    Definitely go for the 05 Black First :tup:

  6. Hmmmm... I vote for the City - especially because you think the first may be too small for your needs.

    Have you seen the sizes in real life?
  7. Tough choice, but go for the one you'd use more, regardless. No matter how great the leather is on soemthing, if it's a size/style you won't use, that doesn't matter!
  8. Thank you so much for all the replies. In general, the bigger the bag, the more stuff I put in there. I know the 05's are harder to come by, hence my need to jump on this. However, I'm scared that I'm going to ruin the MINT condition by using her everyday. Plus, the GSH is really grabbing my attention. What to do, what to do ...
  9. Nope, haven't seen them IRL. For those of you that have both ... how much bigger is the city compared to the first?
  10. I would say to start with the City, the First is a tad small and in the long run might not be as useful.
  11. I vote for the City with GSH, I love mine!
  12. Hmm, tough choice. 05 leather is much sought after, but the First is not that big. You can't put any A4 things in there for one. You could probably fit your wallet, mobile phone, odds and ends like lipbalm, keys, tissue etc and maybe a tiny 16oz water bottle.
  13. good call. thanks for your inputs on 05 bags. for me, i'd love to get a black first ultimately, regardless of which year the leather is. i doubt i'll ever have the chance to own a 05 bag though. and i don't relish having to stow away the delicate bag instead of using it..
  14. i finally saw the first IRL.... it's pretty small.....
    my vote is for the city... unless you don't carry your whole life in your purse... like i do
  15. city! but only cause i'm not a small bag girl