I found the fall/winter 06 pumpkin bag!!!!

  1. Finally!!! got her just a few days ago.. My SA in Las Vegas WYNN was able to find her.. Its called the Boston Bag from autumn/fall/winter collection '06 @$2195.. the first time i saw this bag was in HK.. but that was on reserved so i wasnt able to get one that time.. but now after a long search and long wait, she's finally mine... thanks guys for all your help!!:heart:
  2. here are the pictures...
    pumpkin bag 2.jpg pumpkin bowler 1.jpg
  3. nice! & i :heart: the colour!
  4. Love the color! Congrats.
  5. Congrats! beautiful color too!:tup:
  6. Congrats! I love this bag.

    Awwww, I've been wanting the same one in brown but couldn't find it. :crybaby:

    Any modeling pics?
  7. thanks ladies!!! i am sooooooooo happy!!!:heart:

  8. hey princess!!! ooh!! theres still brown and blk available... you like??? i can give you my SA's #...:heart: for the modelling pix, none yet coz it will arrive on wed at scp..hehehe..thanks!!
  9. I was wondering, how are SAs able to find merchandise such as this that is so "old"? I've generally only been drawn to the newer stuff for now, but I'm curious as to how it works. Thanks. That is a great color.
  10. Congrats! I always loved the shape of this bag, but I especially like it in this colour ... so pretty!
  11. Congrats, love it!
  12. That is so pretty!

  13. hey! i know there are a lot of new ones right now but im still caught up with this old design.. even before the first time i saw this at HK on Nov 06, i already made a choice to look for this here in US.. this item has been on my list for a long time now not until we saw it at Bellagio 2 weeks ago, my heart jumped for joy knowing that its still available..but you could really tell that they were new coz the leather smells good, is clean and the charm was still in a plastic sticker.. im not so sure about it though but i think there are still some items that were left.. when you happen to drop by at Bellagio or at Wynn, they still have like 3 of those in all colors.. they're nice, isnt it?? :heart: