I found the coolest wallet...

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  1. I carry a long large envelope wallet and have been looking for something that I can use when I carry a clutch or use a pochette. I was in Nordstroms and found this abas "wallet". It has credit card slots on either side but the middle opens up for bills. It's paper thin and carries the essentials (I have a change purse for my coins). It comes in many colors and was around $30.00.
    I couldn't resist and picked up this purse hook too!


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  2. that's pretty cute! i'll def have to look for it when im at nordies next.
  3. I have been singing praises for Abas wallets for quite a while now...they are awesome. My favorite style is the frame wallet or clutch wallet. Congrats!
  4. I have one of those for my casino membership cards...nice and slim.
  5. very pretty wallet!!
  6. Nice wallet! Congrats! I love that purse hook too.
  7. The blue patent Abas clutch wallet is available online at the W Hotels warehouse sale for $54.99 (plus there is a 20% off code someone mentioned). Check out the Deals & Steals forum for the deets, but here is a link to the wallet (which I am thinking of getting now that I've read bagachondriac's endorsement!)