I found the Botkier Bombay Bag I want

  1. In a brick and mortor boutique here in the city where I live. they have two left... one hobo and one satchel. They are holding both for me and I am going over there very soon. I am going to purchase one of these bags.

    After that... hold your breath... I am on a ban! Absolutely, totally, unconditionally, on a purse ban... at least until September... possibly the end of the year.

    this month alone, after today, I will have purchased three bags... a Coach, my Kooba :heart: and now the Botkier. Not to mention countless coach accessories and new Anne Klein sunglasses.

    I've got to stop. And after this, I will, I promise... at least for while!
  2. Is one of them like mine????


    I love this bag. It was my coffee spill bag but it's fine now. And you know....I have found that Bans are detrimental. Everytime I go on one, I buy more bags then ever..LOL
  3. Exactly like yours... except in oxblood. Yummy!

    I know, I know, I will probably just want, want, want all the more since I will be on a ban... but I really need to be on one!!!
  4. And you are such an enabler Lexie2000! it should be the second line in your sig.
  5. Lexie, I love that satchel. I kick myself for not buying that when it was on sale at Active Endevors. Sigh- better for my wallet that I waited too long. LOL

    I think I am going to save up for a Sasha Duffle... I :heart: Botkier!
  6. BTW I can barely get through a ban of a couple months much less till then end of the year. I know myself well enough to know that won't happen. LOL
  7. To ban or not to ban...that is the question. I'm with you coach4me. I need to stop, but the sales are so good and the bags are so lovely.

    I have the Bombay tall hobo and I adore it. I get a ton of compliments on it. It is the heaviest bag I carry regularly, but not unbearable.
  8. I am NO such thing! I can't help it you have no self control!:crybaby:

    BTW...did you see the Botkier Sashas!!! And you know you will never get a shot at these Botkiers again because they are all gone from web sites. But if you don't get them, I could show you some pics of my Grysons...:roflmfao:
  9. I did look at the sashas... but, you know, they didn't speak to me like the bombays did. I think I was looking for something kind of rock and roll and the studded tassles on the Bombays really, really did it for me.

    I will post photos. I promise. Then no more.
  10. You, not an enabler? Riiight! :roflmfao:

    And please, don't take it the wrong way....don't show me any pictures of your Grysons... the last thing I need to to see something else drool worthy... my ban will be over before it begins!!!:rolleyes: