I found scratch marks on my Muse. Help!

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  1. I just bought a medium chocolate muse last Friday, brought it out for the very first time yesterday. And within two hours of use, I found scratch marks on the front of the bag. I have no idea how they came about and I wanna kill myself. :crybaby:

    Is it common to get scratches on the Muse? Is the leather prone to scratches? I read that Apple conditioner might help, but it's not available in this part of the world (Singapore).

    Does kind soul know what I can do to make the scratch marks go away or at least be less noticeable?

    Thanks. (Sniff sniff)
  2. The best and safest way is to take it back to the YSL store and ask them if they could just fix it up. If they can't well I'm not really sure what to do then.
  3. Definitely take it to YSL and talk to them.

    For what it's worth, I haven't found my Muse to be super prone to scratches. The leather is softer than some, but it isn't *that* delicate. I scratched mine with my thumbnail pretty hard by accident and I was basically able to buff it out just by rubbing it. A bit of leather cleaner and it looks like it was never touched.
  4. Thanks for the replies. :smile:
    I brought the bag to the YSL store in Singapore today. The SA helped me apply some leather cream on the bag. Unfortunately, the scratch marks are too deep and wouldn't go away. Sigh......
  5. Have you tried buffing the scratches with an anti-static dustcloth? I know this sounds crazy but I've done it before with Mulberry bags & it works; you do have to rub loads & v.gently tho! Just make sure it's clean & not a rough material, a standard soft cloth is best :smile: