I found out new classic flap summer colours!

  1. I went into Chanel in Bond Street in London today and was told that the summer colours included yellow, red, purple, and orange. Apparantely no one in England has ordered the yellow but there is already a waiting list for the orange and red. She said that store wasn't going to be getting any purple. She also said the red was like coral red!:yes: And they will be out in March
  2. I Want Purple
  3. Oh - I want purple!
  4. How odd, they just had purple and they are introducing red (blue understones) for s/s2007.
  5. Wish they would have the bubblegum pink again.. sobz. :sad:

    But the red sounds quite yummie too.. need to check that one out! :graucho:
  6. I love color!!! I like yellow and purple...and red......I want to see these colors IRL.
  7. Orange...humm very interesting!! I used to love orange when I was 15 hehe...the yellow sounds neat too....wanna see them IRL too!!
  8. orange and red sounds great! would be lovely if there's pix to :drool: at! :p
  9. The yellow sounds lovely! I wonder if it's like a buttercream yellow? Are these for the lambskin or caviar flaps?
  10. Hopefully we'll have some pics soon - I'm hoping to introduce some yellow into my wardrobe!
  11. coral red!! i wonder what kind of yellow it will be..
  12. I so wanted purple and I love yellow and orange, but I want a true blue based red not a coral red:sad:-
  13. I saw mint green & yellow when I was in my local store recently - not sure if mint green is a new s/s07 color or previous collection...

    white is also available for this current season.

    gosh i wld love a bubblegum pink or hot pink... sigh...
  14. Thanks for the info !
  15. I am loving the sound of the purple and the yellow!