i found out it's fake after the auction ended!

  1. Okay, so I won a bag on eBay but after the auction ended, I asked for more pictures--bigger ones, and of parts of the bag that were not provided on the original auction. However, after receiving the bigger pictures, the bag turns out to be a fake (she claimed all her items were authentic)! :wtf: so, I haven't paid yet (for obvious reasons) but she has sent me an "alert" for an unpaid item... I messaged her an just told her that I'm not going to pay for a bag that is not authentic. I'm waiting for her response. Did I handle this appropriately? or should I have done something else? I'm scared! :confused1:
  2. I think auth service from mypoupette or caroldiva will refuse her to force you to make payment
  3. you likely should have asked for pics before bidding, but what is done is done so for now, yes you have done the right thing by not paying for it...just wait for the sellers response, they may have not realized it was not authentic...worst case is that you will get a npb strike and negative feedback but that is better than losing money on a fake bag...
  4. yeah, def ask for extra pics before you bid next time, it'll save a lot of hassle, but i agree, don't pay for it
  5. I agree with janecanadian you should have asked for photos and things before bidding to be sure before, but as you found out directly afterwards then I think what you have done is okay as long as you have been polite about it.

    The seller is probably going to be annoyed because they thought that they had got good money for a fake bag and they may not be able to get that money again if they relist it - but tough. They cannot give you any problems, if they file a non-paying bidder alert then all you have to say to eBay is that the item was counterfeit and I'm sure nothing will be done about it.
  6. If you don't pay, you will receive a non-paying strike even you claim it is fake. For eBay's perspect, you have to receive it and verify it is fake, then file a dispute.

    Maybe you could negotiate with the seller for a mutural agreement to cancel this transaction so he/she won't need to pay the final fee, and you won't receive a strike. But if the seller meant to cheat at the beginning, it probably will be hard to negotiate with him/her afterwards.
  7. If she leaves you a neg feedback for not paying, then just respond back w/ a neg as well stating that after seeing the big pics she emailed, you realized the bag was in fact fake. She won't be able to get much buyers after that. Don't be scared... it's better than paying, then getting the fake bag and be stuck with it. If she responds and say that you're wrong, it is authentic, get it authenticated at mypoupette and show her. If she accepts that it's fake, then you both can mutually cancel the transaction. You never know. Just wait to see what she says. Good luck :smile:
  8. When you respond to eBay's 'alert' - say that you don't agree and why. You won't get a NPB strike. eBay does seem to take counterfeit/fake bags seriously.