I found out a ton of info for fall/winter!!!

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  1. I left my info at work, but expect a big post soon from me! It's all about Chelsea, Bleeker, Heritage stripe, Ergo, Gallery, LEGACY, Tons of Patchwork and lots and lots of color!!!!

    I just wanted to tease you all since I don't want to make a half effort post about the new things :graucho:.

    I'll try to find out more about accessories and such as well!
  2. ahhhhh tease! :drool:
  3. How can you tease us like this??? :crybaby:Please post as soon as you can...
  4. The suspense is killing me...:hysteric:
  5. Sprinkles, I so enjoy your posts and updates! (even when they are a tease) Yay for our SA!!!
  6. ooooh, i just cant wait!!!
  7. :supacool:

    You guys will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning since I work all night!

    And tease, not meeee! :winkiss:
  8. I can't wait to hear what you have to tell us.
  9. Oh poo....thought I was gonna read about some new stuff. I'm sure you know this entire forum will be eagerly awaiting the update!!!
  10. No fair!!!!!!
  11. aw, man!!!! Just a tease!

  12. tramp;)
    looking forward to your post:yes:
  13. Sprinkles, I am so looking forward to your post. You are so informative and your descriptions are the best!
  14. LOL... you are too funny! :yes:
  15. Waiting to hear - so exciting! :popcorn: